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The Sugarcubes – Life’s Too Good (1988)

August 29, 2016

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Question: What do A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector, Air’s The Virgin Suicides, and The Sugarcubes’s Life’s Too Good have in common?

Answer: Each had the misfortune of being the album review immediately following a childhood-favourite catalogue re-immersion (weezer, Gin Blossoms, and The Hip respectively).

While none of the three albums in question earned anything resembling a negative review from yours truly, I can’t help wondering how they’d fare if I’d heard these albums in a different context.

But life’s far too short (and far too good, for that matter) to dwell on such impossibilities.

Instead, it’s great that what have been new discoveries for me are likely childhood favourites for countless others.

And while I won’t be able to muster much more than pleasant platitudes for the above trio, because these records mean so much more than that to so much more of the world, I’m not sure it really matters.

Is Life’s Too Good worth hearing? If you ask me, sure, I’d say so.

If you ask someone whose childhood revolved around this record?

I’d imagine they’d say life wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good without it.


Today’s 193 words were part of the #200wordchallenge,
happening all this week over at!


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  1. I wonder if this album would have appeared in the book had it not been performed by the band that were the vehicle for Bjork to break from?

  2. 193 words? Dude 😦

  3. Well done, Geoff! Needs 7 more words though! You can do it!

    That problem of hearing something new right after something you love happens to me often. Just yesterday, in fact.

    I used to have this (thought I still did, but nope) and I enjoyed it a lot. I can hear why they achieved the acclaim they did. It’s another one of those What If questions though, would they still be going now if Bjork hadn’t left?

    • I hadn’t realized she was in the Sugarcubes until I played the album – and then it was unmistakably Bjork’s voice!

  4. Mitch was right! Harder than it sounds. We got one 193 and one 113!

    • But no one was gone over 200 yet!

    • How can mine by counted as 113? Words are words? I [posted the track lists and the band members and it took it right to 200 on the dot! If i added to it i’m over 200? Gah !

      • No Gah! involved, Deke. You are correct, your post is 200 words. I got 113 by removing all the track titles and band information and just having your comments on the record! But there was nothing in the 200 words rules about what words can be used, just that it had to be 200 words, so you’re all good! 🙂

      • No it has to he text like a print review. No lists.

      • Ah OK. That means a couple of mine are well under 80, then!

      • I would say don’t worry about song titles or band members. Write it like an old MEAT review. I just scanned the back cover for song titles. Word count should be the text of your review! If you wanna include song titles put them after getting review but try to get 200 words of prose.

      • Then for the rest of this week, I shall aim for 200 words of prose – any graphs/visuals will have to be tacked on at the end as bonus material, like a new track rounding out a greatest hits comp!

  5. Nice throwback review Geoff. 1988! So much music back than and had never had Sugarcube until today!

    • It was new-to-me this year too Deke – I think you’ll appreciate Wednesday’s group Deke, also an 80s Nordic Country throwback, but one I think Axl Rose would have enjoyed back in the day!

  6. I love Birthday – that’s a great track.

  7. I don’t know this one at all, Geoff. I know the Bjork links, but never bothered to check it out.

    • It’s one of those – you won’t be disappointed to check it out, but if you miss it, you likely will be able to move on with life as well!

      • That’s kinda what I thought, Geoff. Maybe one I’ll check out some day … maybe.

  8. Ha! Had this one on CD! Birthday is the best track, methinks!

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