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Nordic Countries: 4th time’s the charm!

August 26, 2016


Nifty Nordic Logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

Nordic Countries Series Attempt #1, May 2016
Intro post, Top 5 Namechecks…and life gets busy, I disappear from blogging altogether.

Nordic Countries Series Attempt #2, June 2016
Return to blogging with a group post & To Windsor & Back series…I somehow miss the Nordic countries entirely!

Nordic Countries Series Attempt #3, July 2016
I (surprisingly) complete 3 posts covering 5 albums…before heading home & immersing in The Tragically Hip for a month.

Nordic Countries Series Attempt #4, August 2016
It’s too good of a Sarca logo to go so underutilized; I have to make at least one more attempt at Nordic Country exploration – I’ve got a good feeling about it this time!


Terrific #200wordchallenge banner & event hosting by

For these final Nordic posts, I’m going to participate in Mike’s #200wordchallenge, with all reviews adhering to a strict 200 word limit, ideally 200 exactly.

Many of our fellow bloggers will be joining the fun all next week, from August 29th-September 2nd.

If you’d like to participate in the #200wordchallenge, please do!

Head on over to Mike’s site and let him know, preferably in your best Neil Patrick Harris voice, that you’ve accepted the challenge.


Until then, enjoy my all-time favourite “4th time’s the charm” scene, courtesy of The Marx Brothers!

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  1. Perfectly understandable that you got sidetracked by The Hip my friend!

  2. I let Mike know, but I don’t think my Neil Patrick Harris voice was too convincing …

  3. Think in terms of print. They don’t print lists because of the immense page space it takes up. If you want to include song title lists that’s fine but include it after as a “bonus” to the meat — the text itself.

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