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Top 5 “I’m Grateful For…”

August 22, 2016


The Hip’s Man Machine Poem Tour
Top 5 “I’m grateful for…”
By Geoff Stephen

5. The chance to revisit the catalogue this summer
To share stories, to compare notes, and to hear about the significant role the band has played in the lives of fellow fans. Opening the facebook on Sunday and seeing almost exclusively Hip photos & videos in the news feed. It’s been an amazing journey.

4. The thoughtful Hip-related messages from friends & family over the last month
It made my day every time one of you sent a text from a concert, shared articles/photos/favourite quotes, or reminisced about the shows we saw/the albums we enjoyed together. And thanks for the well wishes, for crossing your fingers, and for hoping I’d be able to catch one of the shows too…it worked!

3. The unbelievable good fortune in being able to get a ticket to the Ottawa show
They may have been the worst possible seats in the house (who am I kidding, we were in the nosebleeds, behind the stage, standing room only, they weren’t even seats!) but it couldn’t have mattered any less. We were there and it was glorious. Thanks also to my friends who shared the experience and shared photos from both that show and…

2. Saturday’s Kingston celebration
What an unforgettable celebration.

1. Rob Baker, Gord Downie, Johnny Fay, Paul Langlois, and Gord Sinclair
These five gentlemen are consummate professionals (total pro), their humility is beyond inspiring, and I have so much gratitude for the music they’ve made & for the difference they’ve made in our lives over the last three decades.

Truly, we are all richer for having seen them.


 hipThe Hip Tour/My Post Schedule

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Aug 8 2016 The Hip plays: London, ON. I played: Music @ Work (2000)
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Aug 10 2016 The Hip plays: Toronto, ON. I played: In Violet Light (2002)
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Aug 12 2016 The Hip plays: Toronto, ON. I play: In Between Evolution (2004)
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Aug 14 2016 The Hip plays: Toronto, ON. I played: World Container (2006)
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Aug 16 2016 The Hip plays: Hamilton, ON. I played: We are the Same (2009)
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Aug 18 2016 The Hip plays: Ottawa, ON. I play: Now for Plan A (2012)
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Aug 20 2016 The Hip plays: Kingston, ON. I attempted to review: Man Machine Poem (2016)
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Thank you for reading/writing/listening/viewing/participating in this series,
it’s been a pleasure doing business with you!

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  1. Great post Geoff. I too am thankful for Gord, Gord, Johnny, Bobby and Paul. The emotions have been running too high for me to have much more to say.

    • Thanks Mike – my emotions have been all over the map this week, I think I’ll still be processing what the whole experience has meant to me for a long time.
      When I woke up yesterday, I found my overwhelming emotion was one of gratitude, and I believe that will be the lasting one.

  2. Zack permalink

    As an American, I am not a fan of the Tragically Hip. I checked out a few songs, but I don’t have the passion for them you northerners do. I’ll be grateful to see some blogs not about them.

  3. Great post Geoff! What better way than to celebrate Hip music with Cold Sud’s before the show with friends!
    Who cares where you were sitting as like i explained to Tbone last week( he saw them in Winnipeg) that its the Ticket of a lifetime!
    Saturdays show was heavy in emotion and Theres Gord giving it his all and I tell ya when they did that 5 pack from Road Apples that was so special to me as I make No (Little) Bones about it as it was my Fav Hip album easily as we all know in my Top 20 of all time!
    Totally enjoyed your series on all thing’s HIP as no two post’s were alike so …well done dude take a breather if need be….
    You Earned it my friend!

    • Love the Road Apples wordplay Deke!

      The pre-show beverage was a wheat beer, appropriately named ‘Pretty things,’ with $1 from each going to Brain Cancer research. So how could we not?!
      When trying to pick out the post-show highlights, my friend picked Three Pistols, it cooked!
      I really appreciate you coming along for the Hip ride this summer, really appreciate the kind words too – back to listening to less-already-beloved albums now I suppose!

      • It was a huge undertaking and to review a whole catalogue man thats impressive…..
        Last year when i reviewed RUSH R40 it took me 3 posts to cover it and it burnt me out …
        I’m trying to cut down on the yammer unless there is a real cool story to tell well i might think its a cool story to tell….haha

      • also meant to add…I will read your Man Machine Poem when u do post…

      • Thanks deke, it’ll probably be a while before I’m able to separate that last album from my emotions 🙂

      • I’m always up for a good yammer!

      • Me too! Deke, put on your Yammer Pants!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Geoff – I’ve enjoyed this Hip hit a whole lot!

  5. So much to be thabnkful for, with this band!


    • Aaron, I was shaking with excitement when I went to on Thursday afternoon and saw the message ‘not many seats left.’
      I don’t know why I went to the site in the first place, but as you can imagine, beyond glad that I did!

      • Your last ditch attempt paid off. Who cares where the seats were, you were in the building! I entered those contests to try to win tix to the Taranna shows, and Kingston! 🙂 Hell yes I’d have driven to Kingston at high speeds to meet the 6 pm deadline! Probably would’ve needed to notify the OPP in advance, pretty sure OS to Kingston in 5 hours would require some high speeds! A helicopter would be needed, actually! Google Maps says 4h 44m, but they assume no traffic in Toronto.

        Anyway, as you can surmise, I didn’t get any tix to any shows. So I’m SUPER happy for you that you got to go!!

      • I’m sure the OPP would have understood – perhaps even offered a police sirens escort to make sure!
        I’ll never forget seeing them in Philly, on our way home the day after the show, the border guard yelled ‘right on’and practically gave the driver a high-five!

      • Wouldn’t that have been a riot – police escort to Kingston. True patriots! 🙂

        It bends my mind a bit, going to the States to see the Hip play. I know they played there a lot, it just feels a little weird! Still, it’d be a Hip show so who cares? 🙂

        I love that border guard story. You had no way of knowing it would go that way, but THAT would have been the time to have a trunk full of undeclared stuff!

      • I saw a picture of a Mountie holding a beaver the other day with a “most Canadian picture ever” caption, I think a photo of a high-speed convoy to the Hip would qualify as well!

      • Most Canadian photo ever (updated):

        A Mountie holding a beaver wearing a toque, riding in a canoe through some northern bush river pulled by a moose, eating a bear claw with a cooler full of 50 and listening to the Hip.

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