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The Tragically Hip – We are the Same (2009)

August 16, 2016










hipThe Hip Tour/My Post Schedule

Jul 22 2016 The Hip played: Victoria, BC. I played: The Tragically Hip (1987)
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Jul 24 2016 The Hip plays: Vancouver, BC. I played: Up to Here (1989)
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Jul 26 2016 The Hip plays: Vancouver, BC. I played: Road Apples (1991)
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Jul 28 2016 The Hip plays: Edmonton, AB. I played: Fully Completely (1992)
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Jul 30 2016 The Hip plays: Edmonton, AB. I played: Day for Night (1994)
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Aug 1 2016 The Hip plays: Calgary, AB. I played: Trouble at the Henhouse (1996)
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Aug 3 2016 The Hip plays: Calgary, AB. I played: Live Between Us (1997)
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Aug 5 2016 The Hip plays: Winnipeg, MB. I played: Phantom Power (1998)
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Aug 8 2016 The Hip plays: London, ON. I played: Music @ Work (2000)
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Aug 10 2016 The Hip plays: Toronto, ON. I played: In Violet Light (2002)
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Aug 12 2016 The Hip plays: Toronto, ON. I play: In Between Evolution (2004)
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Aug 14 2016 The Hip plays: Toronto, ON. I played: World Container (2006)
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Aug 16 2016 The Hip plays: Hamilton, ON. I play: We are the Same (2009)
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Aug 18 2016 The Hip plays: Ottawa, ON. I play: Now for Plan A (2012)

Aug 20 2016 The Hip plays: Kingston, ON. I play: Man Machine Poem (2016)

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  1. Awesome charts.

    It’s funny how we each look at The Hip albums differently.

    I would have it tie with World Container for both least rock and worst Hip albums.

    I would say it is the leader by far for worst side A. It didn’t ring true with me until half way through Queen Of The Furrows.

  2. We basically typed the same thing in each others comments section.


  3. Dig the visuals, as always. I’m a little behind, but plan to have caught up by the time you drop the next review!

    • Cheers J – love that you’re going through the catalogue with Brian & me!

      • It’s good to get a bit of a background as I discover them and the enthusiasm you guys have helps me jump right in!

  4. Awesome display of graphics and such ….great for the Attention Deficit Music Blogger I can sometimes be!

    • Thanks Deke – i often think of the Rod Stewart tune, Every picture tells a story – I hope every infographic tells a story too!

      • Speaking of that tune Georgia Satellites covered it as well on there debut album

      • A debut review I look forward to reading at (I remember enjoying reading about the follow-up GS album recently)!

      • Well I will get on it than…

      • I will also read it if you don’t tell me no lines, and keep your hands to yourself.

  5. Jesus I love The Last Recluse. SHIVERS.

    Mentioned earlier, I have the “cube” and T-shirt, and bonus live album.

    Question — did this album have a side A? Was it released on vinyl?

    • A good question – I only have the CD, but I have a tendency to call the first half of any album its side A!

    • The song listing on the back cover lists the first 6 songs on the left and last 6 on the right.
      It kind of looks likes a side a and b.

      It was pressed on vinyl. Not quite as pricey as the earlier vinyl albums, but relatively rare. And double vinyl. Also came with download card.

    • I got the cube/shirt/live album (volume 4) too!

  6. Super Duper Charts And Graphs And Graphics Overload! Yay!

    I love this album. I may have said that, before. I recently found an interview on the tubes of you, Gordie on Q being interviewed by Ghomeshi, while the Hip were touring this album. It struck me how times can change so quickly, given that that wasn’t all that long ago!

    • Haha, charts & graphs help me make sense of it all!
      I think I remember that interview – was Gord talking about using his ‘hotel voice’ for the last recluse? Because they were recording in between shows, he had to sing sort of quietly in various hotel rooms?

      • Yup that’s the one! I thought it was a good interview, but Ghomeshi’s questions were so loaded with points (surely because he was trying to maximize his time with Gord) that Gord would take one part of it and go off on tangents. He even misinterpreted one question as whether he thought the band was gonna retire! In 2009? Unthinkable!

      • It’s funny, I can totally picture listening to that podcast when out for a run at our old place. And then I think you’d approve of my first half marathon podcast choice later that year – a long interview with Tom Waits!

      • I’ve never listened to a podcast. Imagine! (NB. If I can’t stand talking on the radio, a podcast will be no better). I saw the interview on the tubes of you – at least then there was something to watch!

        I definitely approve of the Tom Waits interview. Talk about a guy who never gives a straight answer hahaha.

        What daunts me is the idea of a half marathon. Dude, that’s some serious dedication. I always think I should run farther, but then I just lie down until that feeling goes away. Interestingly, though, I just found the Oatmeal’s book called The Terrible And Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances… maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something? Maybe I’d better go lie down until the Universe goes away…

      • Lying down is a fine solution! Though the long-distance run with music is beautiful, uninterrupted album listens, forced to focus exclusively on the music as there are no other distractions

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