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The Tragically Hip – World Container (2006)

August 14, 2016

World Container

Do you have a bucket travel list?

I’ve heard of people wanting to see a game in every MLB stadium, or wanting to visit as many countries/continents as they can.

Personally, I’d like to check out as many Hip name-checked geographic locations as possible. This summer’s progress:

Springside Park (An Inch an Hour) in Napanee? Check.

Bobcaygeon (Bobcaygeon)? Got within 25 kilometres or so in late July. Almost.

Mistaken Point, NL & Moonbeam, ON (From World Container’s Fly)? Well, based on the google maps below, slightly trickier to make a day trip from Kingston!


Mistaken Point



You may have noticed the CD was absent for the opening photo.

But for a good reason: it is currently in the car CD player, right where it belongs.

Though, admittedly, I rarely listen to World Container by myself.

But for the best of reasons: it’s my wonderful wife’s favourite Hip album, so it is typically enjoyed together!



Why World Container (WC)?

To quote the WC track, Pretend, “is that your question? Because that one is easy.”

WC is The Hip’s most cohesive record
A true front-to-backer, with recurring themes & repeated lyrics, re-appearing in wildly different contexts, yet somehow totally unified.

Gord Downie = Best English Teacher Ever
Metaphor – “Yer not the ocean, you are just a lake”
Simile – “Holding your fist in the air like if you need me you’re on your own”
Homonym – “Am I lovesick?” from the track Luv (Sic)

The songs
The songs! Without great songs, nothing else matters. Though the eleven tracks work exceptionally well as a whole, I’d be remiss if I didn’t single out the following:

Family Band – The chorus lyric, “we’ll be a shade shy of truly loving this,” could not be less apt. Exceptional, especially the bridge, “into the back seat folded down,” I am truly loving this.

World Container – Yesterday, I asked my wonderful wife what her favourite WC track was. Though she almost instantly listed half of the album, the title track, the album’s closing track, was the first to appear on her list. And if asked the same question, I’d probably reflexively provide the same answer. It’s grand, it’s life-affirming, and two of its final lines say it all:

“What we have here are all flaws in progress”
In 2006, The Hip was still a work in process, just as a Family Band ought to be. Not necessarily pleasing everyone, but thankfully still as creative as ever.

“Where all songs are one song and that song is don’t forget”
Or where eleven songs become one unforgettable record.


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  1. Now thats cool that since I think it’s safe to say these later day Hip albums are not at all close to the classic early days of the band that a album like World Container would be your wife’s favourite! I like seeing how others like albums that resonate with them….
    Hey if you ever head west to Thompson(Girl) Manitoba all roads lead thru Tbay! Stop in for a Burger N Beer with the Family!

  2. As I was telling Bop I’m having a hard time keeping up with everybody’s Hip posts but rest assured I’ll get there eventually!

    This one I somehow missed and I’m not sure why. Maybe the Mrs. owns it, because between the two of us we should have them all (except Plan A which I know for sure we’re missing). Maybe you can graph the albums I’m missing!

  3. I do respect your wife’s choice. She would be the only person I have ever heard that feels this is the best Hip album. It’s not my cup of tea, but what do I know anyway. I do really enjoy your post, and love the family travel plans. Perhaps The Hip will bring out a new song about visiting the Caribbean in the middle of winter.

    I do feel the Gord Downie would be the best English teacher as well. Also, History, Polictical Science, and Phys Ed.(instead of doing laps and burpees, we can watch hockey clips and listen to the band)

    • I’d be all for them writing a song that inspires a trip south when it’s mid-minus 30 degree weather!
      And sign me up please for that phys ed class!

  4. I’m all for a Hip road trip series! Man, that would be awesome.

    My own bucket list involves, in part, the glorious ville of Dayton, Ohio. Pilgrimage to the land of Bob Pollard!

    As for this record? Yes. Yes yes yes!!! Loved it. Of course. 🙂

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