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The Tragically Hip – Day for Night (1994)

July 30, 2016

Day for Night

“You can see your breath in Springside park”
– TTH, An Inch an Hour

Dear readers/commenters/fellow bloggers, thank you for coming along for the ride as I revisit these Tragically Hip albums.

Also, thank you to my family as they literally come along for the ride, visiting locations name-checked in these Tragically Hip albums!

The girls & I had a picnic at Springside park this week. As we were advised in the lyrics to Titanic Terrarium, “We don’t (curse word) with the 401,” we took Highway 2 to Napanee instead.

The food was delicious, the company even better.

Alas, we did not fully replicate the An Inch an Hour experience. As it was 30 degrees Celsius/86 Fahrenheit/303.15 Kelvin, this time at least, we did not see our breath.

Springside Park


Like the tagline for the Greater Napanee Region, Day for Night (DFN) may be greater than any other Hip album.

For many reasons.

DFN is tied for most tracks on a studio album with 14, more importantly, with no sign of diminishing returns

DFN features the most aggressive song in The Hip Catalogue, Fire in the Hole

– like all Hip albums, DFN has a stellar opening track. Grace Too scores particularly high on the sing-a-long-ability index

DFN has the groove of Road Apples in tracks like Thugs; the straight-ahead Up to Here rock in tracks like An Inch an Hour; the uniquely dark So Hard Done By rhythms & eerie Titanic Terrarium vibe that hadn’t really been heard before (or since); plus, a beautiful ballad to rival Wheat Kings in Scared.

The Hip generously held Scared to the 3 chord format, so summer-bearded amateurs could play along too!


If an album is only as good as its best song, Day For Night is off the charts.

Nautical Disaster is as close to a perfect song as I’ve heard.

Again, Greater for Many Reasons, I’ll focus on 5:

5. No chorus
No chorus? Absolutely no problem, in fact, for me it’s a huge selling point. Listeners hang on Gord’s every word because of the…

4. Great storytelling
Entirely captivating, right from the opening line, “I had this dream…”

3. The band build-up & re-entry on “You’re doing alright”
From 2:22 – 2:27 in the video below

2. An outro for the ages
Instrumental from 3:03 onwards. Nothing flashy, nothing less than perfection.

1. Despite this recording’s magnificence, it’s even better live
But I’ll talk about that more when I get to 1997 🙂



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  1. More buildup being that I went to one of our local shops at 12 am as they opened so the place was packed to the rafters and a lot of Hip product was moving out the door at midnight.
    Not much sleep that night as i recall but DFN was to my ears a band going from the Bar Sound Rock into unknown Sonic regions….
    What a superb album s well as your review….
    Nice picnic shots Dude!
    The vid for some reason kept stopping so i will check back later……

    • Just watched your version of Scared! Well done man to throw yourself out there is awesome! Also dig the light shining down on you! It’s all about the effect as well as a quiet household while Dad jams it down!

      • Cheers Deke!
        “Dad jams it down” is right – I call that lighting/sound recording technique, “singing/playing loud enough in the basement to be picked up by the built in iPad mic but not so loud as to wake up the kids!”

    • I had to wait for the next album for my midnight hip purchase – I was only 12 when this one hit the shelves!
      But by age 14 & trouble at the henhouse, I was ready 😉
      Many thanks Deke – the girls were good sports tagging along for the Hip-inspired picnic. As you know, daughters rule!

      • I was at the Henhouse release as well as I was 29 at the time! Hahaha….enjoying your spin and tie in with Hip Dates as the tour rolls! Great job…look forward to the rest!

  2. Bringing family to places mentioned in The Tragically Hip songs. Brilliant. get this man the order of Canada.

    P.S. Thanks for the link.

    Sorry I can not link mine to yours at the moment (cue Aaron)

    • Haha Brian, the cottage we went to this weekend was 30km or so south of Bobcaeygeon – my wonderful wife offered to make the detour! But as it was only 330pm or so (and no visible constellations), I postponed the gracious offer until the next time we drive through at night!

  3. I think that video you made is awesome.
    The way the light shines down it makes it appear as if there are no strings on the guitar until you really bend ’em.
    Are you sure that was really you or was Rob Baker over out of sight?


    • Baker does live in Kingston – I will neither confirm nor deny that I was miming and someone more talented was playing off screen! Thanks Brian!

  4. Excellent stuff again, Geoff! Smashin video, too – almost looked like there were no strings on that ol’ geeta!

    As for no chorus – I’m a fan of giving the chorus a miss. Who needs em?

  5. I hinted earlier that this was maybe my favourite Hip record, but I know that that’s a bit like choosing favourites between your kids – you just don’t do it. But I will say that this one is the one I reach for most often when I want the full Hip Album Experience. It has everything (as you capably noted). To make a record like this on the heel of Fully Completely… oh man. OH MAN!

    Good on ya for visiting places name-dropped in the songs! Can we expect a road trip to Bobcaygeon when you get to Phantom Power?

    We saw Fire In The Hole live at Edenfest. If the album version smokes, live it was a pummelling!

    Awesome post about an awesome album by an awesome blogger. Trifecta completed!

    • There will definitely be a bobcaygeon photo at least!
      Many thanks Aaron, if I remember correctly, this cracked your Top 15! A fine choice, I think if I’d heard this first (instead of Fully Completely), I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be my favourite.
      Still trying to fit in a trip to Mistaken Point Newfoundland and Moonbeam Ontari-airio before this series is done!

  6. Also, I can’t get your Scared video to play, it just freezes up. I’ll keep refreshing the page!

  7. Geoff, your video was lovely! You have a talent!
    I love Nautical Disaster. It makes me feel unsettled when I listen to it, probably because of its theme, and particularly when Gord sings, “…kicked off our pantleg and we headed for home…” The song is truly perfect.
    I had to laugh at the “summer beard” comment….

    • Much appreciated Sarca!
      And I’m glad you mentioned feeling unsettled with Nautical Disaster – on one of the recent listens, I ended up getting chills, and that’s after hearing the song hundreds of times, it’s still that powerful.

      • Oh man, that song gets me every time too! Such power. I could do it karaoke if you ever wanted to clear a room.

        I remember reading a newspaper review of a Hip concert somewhere on the eastern seaboard of the States, from this tour. It was a Canadian reporter down for the show, and he was absolutely galled that the crowd was moshing and crowd surfing to this song. He said “are you people even hearing what he’s saying? This is not something to celebrate! This is a powerfl moment! Don’t be doomed to repeat history!” etc. He was fully and completely disgusted. I would’ve been too.

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