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The Tragically Hip – The Tragically Hip (1987)

July 23, 2016

TTH 1987

Few would argue The Hip’s eponymous debut EP is the band’s career peak.

Fewer still would say it’s to be avoided completely.

I’m certainly pleased to own The Tragically Hip on tape, CD, and vinyl.

Why so many formats? Being an EP, it was likely the finest cheapest Hip album I could buy at the time(s)!

But I’m glad I held on to all 3 formats, as each offers a little something different:


Regardless of the format, you get:

-A solid opening pair (Small Town Bringdown, Last American Exit)
-Lead Guitarist Bobby Baker in fine form throughout
-The curious track, I’m a Werewolf Baby, which earned the bronze medal on my “Top 5 Great Bands, Dismal Songs” list a few years ago (but I’ve since started to enjoy the song’s ridiculousness!)
– A promising Debut EP, with hints of greatness on the horizon

Alas, none of my formats featured the undisputed best track from this album: The live, double-suicide rant, version of Highway Girl.

Want a reliable friendship test?

If you find yourself in a conversation about interior design, say something about decorating ‘your apartment in the Santa Fe tradition.’

If the person replies, ‘well, that look is dated, but I see more of the world than you do,’ that is a friend worth keeping!


hipThe Hip Tour/My Post Schedule

Jul 22 2016 The Hip plays: Victoria, BC. I play: The Tragically Hip (1987)

Jul 24 2016 The Hip plays: Vancouver, BC. I play: Up to Here (1989)

Jul 26 2016 The Hip plays: Vancouver, BC. I play: Road Apples (1991)

Jul 28 2016 The Hip plays: Edmonton, AB. I play: Fully Completely (1992)

Jul 30 2016 The Hip plays: Edmonton, AB. I play: Day for Night (1994)

Aug 1 2016 The Hip plays: Calgary, AB. I play: Trouble at the Henhouse (1996)

Aug 3 2016 The Hip plays: Calgary, AB. I play: Live Between Us (1997)

Aug 5 2016 The Hip plays: Winnipeg, MB. I play: Phantom Power (1998)

Aug 8 2016 The Hip plays: London, ON. I play: Music at Work (2000)

Aug 10 2016 The Hip plays: Toronto, ON. I play: In Violet Light (2002)

Aug 12 2016 The Hip plays: Toronto, ON. I play: In Between Evolution (2004)

Aug 14 2016 The Hip plays: Toronto, ON. I play: World Container (2006)

Aug 16 2016 The Hip plays: Hamilton, ON. I play: We are the Same (2009)

Aug 18 2016 The Hip plays: Ottawa, ON. I play: Now for Plan A (2011)

Aug 20 2016 The Hip plays: Kingston, ON. I play: Man Machine Poem (2016)


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  1. Great start Geoff! Man oh man cool to have all three foremats! Always loved Highway Girl from this album or should I say tape as I owned the cassette as I purchased it from some one from the Hip when we (Tbone) caught me Feb of 88 in tbay! Wish I woulda kept it….

    • Cheers Deke!
      And if I can find one of those double cassette decks, I’d be happy to make you a copy to replace your lost tape!

      • Ha! So awesome Geoff and I meant to add what a great tie in with your albums and this Hip Tour….

      • Much appreciated Deke – I’ve really been enjoying revisiting these albums.
        Kingston’s showing the August 20th CBC broadcast down in Market Square, should be a great event!

      • I’ve got a double cassette deck!

  2. Ooh, I do like a curvy Venn diagram! (Best delivered in a Kenneth Williams warble)

  3. Right on, Geoff. Often overlooked, but at the peril of missing out on a lot of cool tracks. This one is as essential as the rest in completing the picture.

    Right on!!

    • And you can’t argue with the value for money – like you said, often in the cheap bins, well worth scooping up, nice return on a small investment!

  4. Currently listening to I’m A Werewolf Baby and will hit play from the start once it’s done. I like that track, though. Something about it reminds me of Gun Club and Green On Red. Really smashin’.

    • Haha, I’ve never heard anything quite like it – I’ve got to check out Gun Club & Green on Red!

      • You do indeed! Would highly recommend Gun Club’s Fire Of Love and Miami, and Green On Red’s Gravity Talks and Gas Food Lodging as starting points!

      • Fire of Love and Miami is playing as I type – it’s very raw, and that’s not a complaint!

      • Hurrah! for Gun Club!

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