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The Tragically Hip: The Completists

July 22, 2016

There’s a funny recurring sketch on Jimmy Kimmel’s show where he keeps running out of time & has to keep ‘bumping’ Matt Damon.

While I’m not anywhere near as funny as Mr. Kimmel, I’m afraid the Nordic Countries are quickly becoming my Matt Damon.

So my apologies to the Nordic Countries, I have to ‘bump’ you, again.

This time, it’s to make room for The Hip!


Over the next month, my beloved Tragically Hip will be touring Canada.

To coincide with their 15 Canadian Tour Dates, I’ll be reviewing the 15 Tragically Hip albums in my collection.

If you would like to join in & co-ordinate reviews during this catalogue revisiting, the hip tour/my post schedule is below.

Or if you’ve already done reviews, please send links to 1001albumsin10yearsATgmailDOTcom and I’d be pleased to include them here!

Hip Hip Hip!



Jul 22 2016 The Hip plays: Victoria, BC. I play: The Tragically Hip (1987)

Jul 24 2016 The Hip plays: Vancouver, BC. I play: Up to Here (1989)

Jul 26 2016 The Hip plays: Vancouver, BC. I play: Road Apples (1991)

Jul 28 2016 The Hip plays: Edmonton, AB. I play: Fully Completely (1992)

Jul 30 2016 The Hip plays: Edmonton, AB. I play: Day for Night (1994)

Aug 1 2016 The Hip plays: Calgary, AB. I play: Trouble at the Henhouse (1996)

Aug 3 2016 The Hip plays: Calgary, AB. I play: Live Between Us (1997)

Aug 5 2016 The Hip plays: Winnipeg, MB. I play: Phantom Power (1998)

Aug 8 2016 The Hip plays: London, ON. I play: Music at Work (2000)

Aug 10 2016 The Hip plays: Toronto, ON. I play: In Violet Light (2002)

Aug 12 2016 The Hip plays: Toronto, ON. I play: In Between Evolution (2004)

Aug 14 2016 The Hip plays: Toronto, ON. I play: World Container (2006)

Aug 16 2016 The Hip plays: Hamilton, ON. I play: We are the Same (2009)

Aug 18 2016 The Hip plays: Ottawa, ON. I play: Now for Plan A (2011)

Aug 20 2016 The Hip plays: Kingston, ON. I play: Man Machine Poem (2016)

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  1. Look forward to seeing his Geoff

  2. Wow! An ambitious project here!

    I will be reading along and may even join you on one.

    • Please do Mike! I know you had a recent review of Man Machine Poem, if you’ve got others already, send links!

      • That’s all I’ve done so far. But I’ll let you know if I can do more!

  3. Love the pic (artfully displayed and everything). I do love me a pile of Hip. Mine would look pretty similar, just add a few things, here and there, I think.

    Definitely looking forward to your reviews. I’ve already done them all (I think), though they were mostly just WAHOO! and YAY! and I LOVE THE HIP! and such the like. Not really all that in-depth. Going back through them again would be, of course, awesome. Lemme think on it!

    • Many thanks Aaron – a pile o’ hip is among my favourite kinds of piles!
      Please do send links if you got ’em, or respin & re-review if you feel inspired!

      • I think my earlier ones were a little quick and dirty, they might need new spins because, oh darn, I’d have to listen to the Hip again… tough life, eh? If you title search or band name search on the KMA, the old ones should all show up!

  4. Are you going to see them?

  5. I’m only really starting to explore this stuff, so perfect timing with this! I shall read along and listen! Hurrah!

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