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Frank Black – Teenager of the Year (1994)

June 23, 2016


Artist #1: Pantera
Artist #2: Frank Black

[Album 459/1001]

“I’m on a roll, it’s time to go solo”
– Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby

When a member of a beloved group goes solo (regardless of the roll they may/may not be on), the results can vary.220px-Teenager_of_the_year_cover

I did not grow up with Pixies (Weezer’s Velouria cover was my belated gateway) but I imagine for those that did, the early Pixies catalogue is sacred.

So when Frank Black embarked on a post-Pixies solo career, fans may have been nervous.

They needn’t have been: Teenager of the Year is terrific.

Pixies purists may not have approved of Teenager‘s tunefulness at the time but 22 years later, these 22 tracks made for a delightful travel companion on my highway adventure.


“Sonic Youth: Pixies without the juice”
– Someone recently in the blogosphere. If you said it, please take credit below and accept my thanks for the great line!

Now is Frank Black-solo better than Pixies? Or superior to Sonic Youth?

That depends on how you feel about ‘Melody’ and ‘Juice.’

A math-y infographic to help decide!

(you can take the teacher out of the classroom…)

Frank Black_1




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  1. Great post and a fine info graphic as always, Geoff. I was never really fond of Frank Black’s solo stuff … good songs, but just never rocked my boat as much as the warped visceral yelping of the Pixies.

    And yeah, whoever said that about Sonic Youth is bang on the money!

    • Thanks J – and I agree, I hope the Sonic Youth quote maker stops by, I can’t remember where or when I saw it, but it captures the sound so succinctly!

  2. I’ve found it challenging to retro-fit Pixies into my pantheon. Guess you have to persevere (not uncommon with uncompromising music) and maybe they’ll click. So FB’s solo sounds good to me – melody is always good (just ask Teenage Fanclub).

    • I think I’m still a bigger fan of the groups Pixies inspired than of Pixies themselves, but I suppose without Pixies…I was definitely much quicker to jump on the Teenage Fanclub Bandwagon(esque)!

  3. Haha nice graphic. But I think you can happily listen to all three and get along just fine in life!

    I wouldn’t say the Pixies’ early stuff is sacred, but it sure did change a lot, and they really are some incredible albums. Unlike anything else at the time… unlike many things even now! Seeing them in concert was even more amazing – what a group. Hugely talented, and enough tension between them to give every track new edge. Yes!

    I’ve been a Pixies fan for a long time, and when Frank went solo there was no trepidation for me. It was all just more awesome to the pile, as far as I was concerned. I even like the 90s Breeders albums. And Teenager Of The Year is just more awesome on the awesomeness pile!

    Well done, sir! Glad you dug it!

    • My friend’s sister quite liked the Breeders, overhearing it at their house is the extent of my listening there! A pixies show sounds like it would be grand, an awesomeness pile, that’s my kind of pile!
      Thanks Aaron!

      • I doubt Breeders are on the 1001 but if you see it, the first two are great (Pod, and Last Splash).

        We got to see Frank Black live, too. Guess what? IT WAS AWESOME! đŸ™‚

      • Me too – I went to see him on my stag weekend!

      • Fantastic. That’s a good show for doing it up right!

  4. Usually when dudes break off and go solo it results in a bad career move! Neat to read about a musician that this didn’t happen to

  5. Can’t wait to review this. Frank Black can’t do much wrong in my book

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