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To Windsor and Back Again

June 17, 2016

“Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years”
– Ladies Love Cool James, Mama Said Knock You Out

Though I’ve been here infrequently (at best) over the last month or two.

Hope all you folks are well, looking forward to reading many a post that I’ve missed.


With my 1001 albums project, I’m technically still in the Nordic Countries. And it’s a good time to be there too, Iceland’s in the Euro Cup, apparently they tied Portugal the other day!

However, a couple of weeks ago, my track & field coaching took me to Windsor, Ontario for the provincial high school championships; our student athletes represented the school wonderfully. As a surprise added bonus, none of my students ended up needing a ride with me, so I had 1200+ km of my own music & company.

Alas, I didn’t have many Nordic selections with me in the car, so I’ll have to take a brief detour from my Nordic Countries series.

In the Meantime (to borrow a great Spacehog tune), I present, “To Windsor & Back Again: A Track & Field Coach’s Tale.”

Reviews of Pantera, Frank Black, Nas, Sleater Kinney, Digital Underground, and Alice Cooper to follow!


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  1. Especially looking forward to the Sleater-Kinney and Frank Black reviews!

  2. 1200 Km’s to Yourself! Your lucky you went back home! Man that’s awesome look forward to the reviews!

    • That 401 highway just keeps going and going Deke – the google directions were funny, basically get on the highway and go straight for 6 hours!

      • 6 hours? Sure, 6 hours given the distance and speed limit required. Doesn’t sound like they accounted for the hell that is trying to get east to west across Toronto, on a trip like that, though.

      • And one could spend what feels like 6 hours just getting through Taranna!

  3. Hooray for the return of Geoff! I know that I, for one, have missed your excellent posts!

    1200+ kms. And right there, our fellow bloggers from the UK tried to wrap their heads around such a distance. Even better, you never left the province of Ontario.

    Ah, Windsor, I lved there two years, went to university there for a while. Haven’t been back in years, but I remember really genuinely nice people making a go of it in a tough town. I hope the track and field events went well!

    Damn, that’s a diverse list of artists. I have to admit excitement about all of them, but most definitely about Frank Black. I do love that guy’s work.

    Welcome back!

    • Many thanks Aaron! I’d forgotten you’d lived in Windsor, I like how you’ve made a cameo in several Canadian cities.
      Frank Black was one of those CDs I put on and instantly knew, this is my kind of CD, spoiler alert, really enjoyed!

      • Cameos, I like that! Yup, lived a bunch of different places, but we’ve been here in this town the longest. Because I am sick of moving all of our crap around!

        I want to own ALL of the Frank Black albums. I am remiss that I do not. Looking forward to your review!

      • Our friends agreed to help us move a couple years ago on the condition that it was our last move! So far I’ve only got this one Frank Black solo album, it’s safe to say he’s 1 for 1!

      • Ask James how much fun it is helping ME move! I take stair two at a time! 😉

      • Also, you really can’t go wrong with Frank Black. Do you have all the Pixies too?

      • The first 3, all on the 1001 too!

      • Excellent, that’s a lot of the greatness. Now you just need the rest too! (bias truly showing now) 🙂

  4. Honestly, you Canucks! GET YOUR OWN PLACE NAMES! Looking forward to the series, that’s an interesting selection of artists.

    • Haha – London, Ontario takes name borrowing to a whole other level, including the majestic Thames river flowing through the town!

      • Haha no way! Surely the whole fun of discovering a place is coming up with a new name? Whoever came up with ‘Hamilton’ needs to get out more.

      • And don’t forget Stratford, with its Avon River…

  5. Alice Cooper? Well damn, right on!

  6. Pantera, Frank Black, Nas, Sleater Kinney, Digital Underground, and Alice Cooper. That’s quite a selection. Nas Illmatic is simply brilliant. It is Illmatic, right? (I haven’t really gotten too far into the book)

    • ’tis Illmatic J – his one appearance, but after a couple spins, I’m convinced it belongs there!

      • Despite a few missteps, I reckon Illmatic is a great album. I still like to give it a listen every now and again.

  7. Wow! That’s a lot of reviews to look forward to. Can’t wait Geoff.

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