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MC Solaar – Qui Sème le Vent Récolte le Tempo (1991)

May 11, 2016


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Made in France Artist #1: Manu Chao

Made in France Artist #2: Daft Punk

Made in France Artist #3: Jean Michel Jarre

Made in France Artist #4: Jacques Brel

Made in France Artist #5: Air

Made in France Artist #6: MC Solaar

[Album 457/1001]

Timing is everything.220px-Qui_sème_le_vent_récolte_le_tempo

It’s possible that this is the finest hip hop album on the list.

Regrettably for MC Solaar, coming after lengthy immersions in old favourites Gin Blossoms/Prince/Weezer, combined with general life busy-ness, NHL playoffs & new Radiohead, the timing of listening here is lousy.

As a result, I’m unsure of where MC Solaar belongs in the following matrix:


Lauryn Hill’s fine album benefited from my early project enthusiasm.

Queen Latifah likely benefited from being reviewed shortly after returning from Maui – I was so pleased with the state of the world, how could I not approve?!

Apocalypse ’91 was far from a negative review…but it hasn’t left my car since either, and would likely feature even more positive adjectives if re-reviewed.

I know the timing is not so great for Qui Sème le Vent Récolte le Tempo.

The question is, am I not fully appreciating MC Solaar’s 1991 release because it’s not really that great?

Or is it, to borrow a Blue Rodeo line, bad timing that’s all?

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  1. Perhaps, it’s something to do with where, and at what time you play it? Maybe that qualifies as ‘bad timing’ but something so simple as a shift in time and place can often shift perspective. I’ve certainly ‘grown’ to admire a number of books, albums and films simply by taking them in at a different place and time from before. Maybe you can make a chart/graph on which albums gets most favourably reviewed, depending on where and when you most listen to them!

  2. Ah, the good ol’ timing factor. There are a few albums / artists that I’ve failed to truly dig as a result of timing. Some I’ve revisited and some I just haven’t been in a rush to given the impact of that first listen. It’s always a difficult one, isn’t it? Especially, as you say, off the back of delving back into artists that you dig a whole lot.

    • Perhaps that’s a reason why I don’t do number ratings – I find my ratings would be too affected by timing, purchase experience, and more!

      • I’m much the same, Geoff. I think there are so many factors involved when it comes to liking, or loving, an album.

        Take Weezer, for example; it’s hard to determine whether they were actually very brilliant, or I just attached much more to Blue and Pinkerton due to timing (your recent Weezer post inspired a revisit, by the way).

      • I’m thrilled to have inspired a revisit!
        I think there’s a strong possibility blue & pinkerton are objectively good – I remember listening to across the sea at home as a teen and my musician dad being impressed with the several key changes mid-solo.
        So I’d say that’s usable as supporting evidence for Pinkerton being objectively brilliant!

      • I’d say that’s all the evidence I need. Maladroit and Green didn’t inspire me to revisit anything further, though. They killed my Weezer buzz!

  3. I talked about this kinda at Mikes site saying back in 1989 there was so much music coming out stuff you would buy would get passed over as some of the bigger bands would snuff out others…..
    Time is a problem …hahaha….
    Like your layout for this…cool beans as Aaron would say!
    Who you pulling for in the playoffs ?

  4. Timing is everything, Geoff. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

    Haha I get this all the time, as I’m sure you do too – listening to such varied things all the time, sometimes it feels like you’ve shifted gears without the clutch. For some crazy reason, I find waiting until late at night, after the kids are in bed, and listening through the good headphones works well for difficult albums. Full focus. Try it and see!

  5. A grower maybe? in this instant age I reckon they’re a dying breed. A lot of my fave music I didn’t like much at first.

    • I’m hopeful that’s the case – and I can relate, I wasn’t too jazzed about Aladdin Sane at first but after the 7th listen or so, it started to get more amazing each time!

  6. Funny, my life has been busy recently with work and has curtailed my frequency for the reviews from the book. Having said that, I’m about to give a 9/10 on a new release in the next few days and because I’m so tight with my scoring, had to get up extra early this morning to give it another listen just to make sure it’s worthy of such high esteem. If I’m going to announce it as the best new record I’ve heard this year so far (and I’ve listened to 90 or so), it better be bloody good.

    Anyway, I think we should both be given about half a million dollars each from WordPress, so we can retire and spend our lives listening to music and fulfilling this project.

    • I would fully support such a retirement fund – these pesky jobs & life busy-ness get in the way of valuable blogging time!

  7. This is an incredible album! What a debut. The lyrics are smart, witty, often poetic. Mc Solaar’s (rap) prose is unique. And I like his jazzy vibe. When it comes to French artists at least, Mc Solaar is incredibly influential.

    But I guess this album would seem to come out of nowhere if I was nostalgically listening to Weezer and Prince. 😉

    • Hi Jo, nice to hear from you!
      I’ll definitely check this out again when I’m in a less nostalgic mood 🙂

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