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Air – The Virgin Suicides (2000)

April 21, 2016


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Made in France Artist #1: Manu Chao

Made in France Artist #2: Daft Punk

Made in France Artist #3: Jean Michel Jarre

Made in France Artist #4: Jacques Brel

Made in France Artist #5: Air


[Album 456/1001]

“It is also a nice way to re-immerse in the 1001 project…”
– me in April 2014, in my review of Air’s Moon Safari.

The Virgin Suicides.

Is there a more attention-grabbing title on the 1001?

With such provocative titles however, the challenge is maintaining listener attention.

Though he’s discussing car reservations, Seinfeld illustrates this grabbing/holding distinction splendidly:

“You know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to hold the reservation. And that’s really the most important part…”


The French duo Air was able to get my attention.

But could they follow through with the most important part, the holding?


I’ve been looking at this CD cover for the past few years at The Beat Goes On in Burlington.220px-Air_-_The_Virgin_Suicides

It always got my attention, but didn’t hold it after seeing the price tag of $7.99. Yes, it’s not outrageously priced, but if I were to spend $8 on each of the 1001 albums…!

So I streamed.


Should I find myself in Burlington again soon, I may have to bring $8 with me.

The album (the score to the film of the same name) didn’t necessarily reel me in right away; somewhere around listen #4, it really started to click.

This film score featured recurring themes, without being repetitive.

There were Elliott Smith-ish moments, without being derivative.

The Radiohead influence was everywhere, without feeling second rate. One could argue the soundscapes & seamless sequencing here are on par with much of Radiohead’s 21st Century output.

I didn’t recognize the vocals on the opening track. Turns out, it’s the lead singer of the French band Phoenix, performing under a pseudonym.

Earlier this year, I wondered whether Phoenix would be a future favourite. Now I’m wondering where The Virgin Suicides might be placed in an inevitable Top 5 Film Scores list.

In any event, I’m glad that Air got & kept my attention.

“It is also a nice way to re-immerse in the 1001 project…”
– me in April 2016, concluding this very review of Air’s The Virgin Suicides.

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  1. Beaucuop gracias. I bought the titles track as a single, hundreds of years ago and I have a vague association of disappointment with it – I must dig it out again.

    • It’s strange they released singles as it works so well as a complete piece – it’s like Oxygene in that sense, I would struggle to choose which “track” from I to VI I’d pick as the single!

  2. Hackskeptic permalink

    Now this is one I’m very familiar with although I haven’t reviewed it yet. The key to a good soundtrack album for me, is that it makes sense as a standalone record. “Virgin Suicides” is one of the few that sounds great and you don’t need to watch the movie to get enjoyment from it.

  3. I only know Playground Love but its a bit of a fave. Did that one stand out for you?

  4. Nice post, Geoff. I had this on CD a good while back, but other than a few tracks I really struggled to get into it. Dark Messages, Cemetery Party and Ghost Song were favourites for the odd mix, though (I think)

    • Thanks J – it’s funny the streaming experience vs. the physical copy. If I have the CD/LP in front of me, I’m quite aware of the track names. But since I streamed this one, I had to look up the ones you mentioned, especially with instrumentals, couldn’t remember which went where!

      • Very same experience when I’m not listening to a physical copy of an album!

  5. Tangled Up In Music (by Ovidiu Boar) permalink

    A good friend of mind posted an Air song on Facebook a while ago with the description “The French Daft Punk” haha. I liked what I heard though.

  6. How does this compare with Moon Safari?

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