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Top 10 Beatles Songs Countdown

March 29, 2016

Fifth year of blogging, here’s my first attempted blog share!

Over the next several weeks, Hackskeptic’s hosting a ‘Top 10’ Beatles Songs Countdown.

Naturally I approve of anything involving The Beatles + Top 10s + the use of spreadsheets to tabulate results.

Feel free to join in the fun, the more the merrier, the more song selections in the countdown spreadsheet the better.

Hopefully the link below works as planned, enjoy!



Over the next eight weeks we’ll be voting for the ten best Beatles tunes. 1 point for number 10, 2 points for number 9, 3 points for 8 etc etc. Voting is Thursday/Friday each week until eventually we have a winning top ten. Any of my blogging buddies is welcome to take part. Just leave […]

via The Beatles Top Ten Songs — The Hackskeptic’s View

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  1. Hackskeptic permalink

    Drum roll…………Let the countdown begin!

  2. Hackskeptic permalink

    What’s the odds on Ringo’s “Don’t Pass Me By” being number 1?

    • If it ends up as #1, let me be the first to apologize to Ringo – I’m sorry that I doubted you, I was so unfair!

  3. Hackskeptic permalink

    An astute reader ianbalentine has cast his first 3 votes.

    10 – Rain
    9 – A Day In The Life
    8 – Sexy Sadie

  4. This is one of the most difficult things in life! It is like choosing among your children, except there are 100+ almost equally viable candidates!

    10.I’ve Just Seen A Face
    9. Revolution 9
    8. Michelle
    7. I am the Walrus
    6. She Loves You
    5. Something
    4. Happiness is a Warm Gun
    3 .For No One
    2. Don’t Let Me Down
    1. A Hard Day’s Night

    Excited to the see the final top ten! Would love it if early Beatles triumphs over studio-exclusive Beatles.

    • Absolutely, an unfair question if there ever was one!
      Some fine choices there Amrita, Something & Happiness will be on mine too. A Hard Day’s Night could be on mine based on that wonderful opening chord alone!
      Nice call on Revolution 9, a polarizing track, but one I appreciate much more than I used to.

      • A Hard Day’s Night is my favourite album ever, so it will always be in any list of mine. Revolution 9 was a bit of a joke on my part, simply because I thought wouldn’t it be wonderful if number 9 went “Number 9…number 9…” There were so many other songs I wanted to include, like “Across the Universe” and “I’m Only Sleeping”, but it would have been a Lennon-heavy list, and I really look forward to the final top ten being a balanced one of the Fab Four.

      • A lennon-heavy list is a nice problem to have!
        I think mine’s primarily Lennon/McCartney, Harrison’s got one – Ringo’s drums are vital on each of them at least!

      • I’ve lately been more obsessed with quoting Dylan Moran on everything, but a year ago, it was Lennon. I once read in a Beatle book, you know – one of many that get written on them all the time – that Lennon is like a confessional poet, and Macca is like a playwright. It was meant disparagingly, with the writer implying that Lennon songs are more ‘authentic’. Reading that, and some of the other things McCartney has said about how people perceive his side of the creative equation, I felt it was unfair to him. “Eleanor Rigby”, “For No One”, “The Fool on the Hill” are perhaps more Lennonesque of McCartney, for whom more easily identifiable styles are found in “Hey Jude” and other such big hits. But, they are all geniuses, and in my opinion, they should be given equal credit for the music they created together.

      • Both geniuses is right – For No One’s a track I often forget about and then remember how wonderful it is!

  5. Do we need to post 10 now? It could take some thought!

  6. Cool idea. I’ll watch for when you do the Stones! 🙂

    I dunno, man. Beatles. My relationship with their music is too long and weird to come up with answers off the top of my head, though I still do like Something. But that’s only 1/10th of what you need. I’ll think on it.

  7. So how does this work?

    My #1 = Tomorrow Never Knows

    • Wonderful question (and wonderful choice!) – Hackskeptic’s keeping track of the picks at his site.
      He’s revealing his picks every Thursday, I’ll be doing the same.
      It’s up to you, if you want to go gradual, that works – or if you want to send him your 10 all at once, I’m sure that would still be spreadsheet material!

  8. Great idea! I’m a big fan of Norwegian Wood, Dear Prudence & A Day In The Life. And In My Life. And Hey Bulldog. And Eleanor Rigby! Okay – I’ll shut up now. 🙂

  9. Good on you for trying … I just can’t. I do have a favourite though.

    When I was a child my cat/soul-mate was called Martha after ‘Martha My Dear’. I now have a daughter called Martha, named after the cat, named after the song …

    • All I can think of now is Batman V Superman…

      • Can’t. Spoiler. Let’s just say if you look for memes about Martha and the movie, you will understand how Batman and Superman kissed and made up. And it’s pretty dumb.

      • (uses super memory) It’s a mum/mom thing.

      • Do you plan on seeing the movie? I don’t wanna spill the beans on Geoff’s site but let’s just say you’re on track.

      • Probably not at the cinema – it just doesn’t tickle my fancy much.

      • Good, that proves you have all your faculties!

      • Sounds like I don’t have to rush out to see it!

    • Martha’s my #8!
      If we ever get a dog, I’m voting for the girl name to be Martha and the boy name to be Murray (especially if he has a sad face, so I can encourage him with the Conchords’ cheer up Murray)

      • The irony of the song beign about a dog and then being repurposed for a cat/daughter isn’t lost on me! It’s a lovely song.

  10. Hackskeptic permalink

    In at Number 7

    All You Need Is Love
    John Lennon’s penchant for sloganeering would become more obvious as time progressed, but the simplicity of the sentiment would never be so transparent as this 1967 number one single. George Martin again works his magic by incorporating a complex arrangement that includes “La Marseillaise,” the French national anthem, while the coda included bits of Bach’s “Brandenburg Concerto No. 2,” “Greensleeves,” Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood” and an improvised chorus of “She Loves You”. Lennon for his part keeps his lyrics deceptively simple and direct to evoke a sense of peace, harmony and optimism in a world beset with division, discomfort and fear.

    • Well said Geoff – I’ll go with Elanor Rigby (my first non-White album track!). McCartney showing more of his versatility, he can do Beach Boys-esque (Back in the USSR), piano-driven beauties (Martha), and then however one would classify Eleanor. One of the great track 2s.

      • Hackskeptic permalink

        First Beatles song I remember from my childhood. Still a classic

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