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Daft Punk – Homework (1997)

March 13, 2016


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Made in France Artist #1: Manu Chao

Made in France Artist #2: Daft Punk

[Album 453/1001]

“And if the homework brings you down
Then we’ll throw it on the fire”
– David Bowie, Kooks

Homework: if you didn’t ‘get it’ during school, keep practicing ’til you do.

I did not get the appeal of Daft Punk when I was in school.

But I’ve since changed my tune on Da Funk, I quite appreciated Random Access Memories, so perhaps I’ve matured and will really embrace this Daft Punk debut.

Well…more of a polite nod in passing than an embrace?


Songs like Around The World (an older, distant cousin to the more recent Get Lucky) get my attention, keep my interest. I’m guessing it’s because there’s a chord progression, the semblance of an advancing song structure that helps me branch out of my typical comfort zone and buy in.

But then circular tracks like the misleadingly named Rock’n Roll (without so much as a trace of either!) remind me why I tend to struggle with loop-based music.

Ironically, it is in these loop-based tracks, when the beat is at its most pulsating, that my enthusiasm flatlines.

Or more eloquently, this out-of-intended-context speech from the film Parenthood provides a neat summary:


For those who like 73-minute merry-go-rounds, Homework ought to do the trick; I tend to prefer briefer, more exciting, roller coasters myself.

That being said, this Homework doesn’t necessarily bring me down & I have no intentions of throwing my copy into the fire.

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  1. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo has my favourite name in the music business. The fact that I can remember the whole name is astonishing.

  2. Chacon son thingy – this album really excites me; try and throw my copy on the fire and we’ll be talking pistols at dawn!

    • I’ll throw it on the fire and replace it with a silver thing.

    • Consider your copy safe!
      For years I’ve been of the belief, if you loved something at age 16-17, you’ll forever swear by it.
      I’m now wondering if the opposite is also true, if you loathed something at that age, can you ever fully buy in later?

      • That’s a tough question. The FULL buy-in…whole hearted…I don’t think it’s possible. You can like but not love something fully.

      • And I’m probably approaching that.
        Bruce had a good distinction at one point between Appreciate + Enjoy. I certainly appreciate this style a lot more than I used to, but outside of one or two tracks at a time, the enjoyment factor hasn’t quite caught up yet

      • It would be a scary exercise for me to categorize my collection “appreciate” vs “enjoy”. I don’t want to think about it too much!

      • Ahh but think of the graphs and 2×2 matrices Mike!

  3. Hackskeptic permalink

    I completely agree with you Geoff! It’s great in places (“Da Funk” and “Around The World”), but at over 70 minutes it’s waay too long. I much prefer the follow up “Discovery”…now that is a truly great album.

    • Good to know about Discovery – I only recognize ‘one more time’ from the tracklist. Interesting to see the final track on that one’s named ‘too long’ – which was our main complaint about its predecessor!

  4. I had Discovery back in the day. Too much filler, but good hits.

  5. I believe I threw my copy on the fire. CD crackled some, but the booklet burned brightly! Ha!

    But yeah, I find this a tad overlong to be enjoyable. Maybe feel differently if the tunes struck a chord more consistently, but I felt it was often misfiring.

    • With some of those misfires, it felt a bit clinical or sterile, missing some warmth – glad you were able to obtain some warmth another way J!

      • That’s pretty much nail on the head, Geoff. I think the whole thing was splendidly put together, but lacking a bit of zing!

  6. Good on your for listening to this stuff, Geoff! I never understood it or much cared. But I know plenty of people do, so good on ’em!

    • Thanks Aaron, I’ll likely let others keep enjoying this one, I think I’ve heard what I needed to hear!

  7. ianbalentine permalink

    Idunno, I am quite a fan of early EDM, and bands like Underworld use loops to wondrous effect, but to be honest I have only embraced the Random Access Memories album, and bits of Discovery. It’s not lost on me that RAM is the most organic and song oriented of their albums, either. But Da Funk is a great tune!

    • Agreed about Da Funk! It’s funny, I didn’t care for it at all at the time, but I’ve since done a 180.
      I remember being quite impressed with RAM’s production, so slick, the Thriller-esque cover was fitting!


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