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Sir George Martin

March 10, 2016

I appreciated these thoughtful tributes from fantastic fellow bloggers:





There have been/will be/frankly ought to be many tributes to Sir George Martin arriving this week.

For me, three things have stood out from today:

1. By all accounts, he was kind & generous. I like to believe the true greats, in any field, always are.

2. That synergistic, unbelievably creative period with The Beatles will never be replicated elsewhere. It’s wonderful how neither he nor The Beatles had a ‘sound,’ their collaborative work was just too diverse to be categorized. I am forever grateful to George for producing, arranging, and performing on some of my all-time favourite records.

3. On any given day, I’d list Rocky Raccoon and In My Life as my preferred Beatle tracks. His honky-tonk piano on the former and harpsichord on the latter are perfection.

Rest in Peace.



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  1. Hackskeptic permalink

    Couldn’t agree more Geoff. Patient, generous, kind,…I hear and read all of those words and realize he was the perfect father figure to guide and nurture the greatest pop group of them all.

    • I like that term of ‘guide’ – he seemed to have a way of steering that great creativity in such memorable directions.
      Patient, generous, kind – that’s a nice way to be remembered, in addition to his tremendous talent.

  2. Tangled Up In Music (by Ovidiu Boar) permalink

    Rocky Raccoon, way hip choice!

    Though without referring to Martin in particular, as he always seemed a nice guy, I don’t believe #1 is true. Most rock-stars were/are assholes in one way or another and I’m inclined to believe you have to be a bit of an asshole to truly make it big.

    • I’m afraid in terms of becoming ‘stars’ Ovidiu, to borrow a Billy Joel track, you may be right.
      I’ve found with student musicians/athletes/academics I’ve worked with, the best are inevitable the most coachable, the most respectful, have the best work ethic. It’s the ‘wannabes’ in that 2nd tier where you run into attitudes, perhaps compensating for lack of elite skill.
      But perhaps to achieve stardom, maybe you often need to have a bit of a mean streak.
      I’m glad Sir George didn’t!

  3. “On any given day, Iā€™d list Rocky Raccoon and In My Life as my preferred Beatle tracks. His honky-tonk piano on the former and harpsichord on the latter are perfection.”

    It’s not a harpsichord. It’s an upright piano, played at half the speed you hear, with the tape speed doubled.

    • Which may make Martin’s production even more impressive, doing that with the technology available in the mid-60s!

  4. Rocky Racoon, eh?

    • Rocky Racoon, yay!
      Bruce when I do the white album as album #1001 from the project, I may have to do a post per side, I have much to say regarding each individual track!

  5. Great call on Rocky

  6. I was very sad to hear that he passed.

    You can’t fight a good performance on a tack piano. You simply cannot.


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