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Next stop: France

March 4, 2016


With a huge ‘merci beaucoup’ to Sarca @caughtmegaming for another sensational design.

Feel free to use french adjectives like ‘fantastique’ or ‘merveilleux’ in the comments to compliment her magnificent (magnifique) logo!


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  1. C’est tres bon. Extraordinaire!

  2. My French sucks. In English I will simply say “Well done as usual Sarca”.

  3. Incroyable!!! C’est un travail d’art!

  4. Oui Oui Oui Sarca!

  5. Nice work Sarca! Really loving all these pics.

    Geoff I think towers should be a theme for your switches in country. Phallic symbols and all that, they’re great. Eiffel Tower? Got it. CN Tower? Bring it on!

  6. Le amazing.

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