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Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden (1980)

February 23, 2016


exemplary artwork by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

Made in the UK Artist #1: Duran Duran

Made in the UK Artist #2: The Charlatans

Made in the UK Artist #3: Elton John

Made in the UK Artist #4: Pet Shop Boys

Made in the UK Artist #5: Jim Dead & The Doubters

Made in the UK Artist #6: The Chemical Brothers

Made in the UK Artist #7: The Style Council

Made in the UK Artist #8: Super Furry Animals

Made in the UK Artist #9: Iron Maiden


[Album 450/1001]

“You can find me in da club”
In Da Club, 50 Cent

In my classes, I like to make up tests out of 50.

Partly because of the math simplicity (multiply mark by 2 to find percentage), partly as it’s typically the right amount of questions to fit the allotted time.

But also because I like to play the intro to In Da Club as the song of the day, throwing out the somewhat ironic bonus motivation that a 100% on the test (or Fiddy out of Fiddy) puts you ‘in da club.’

Ridiculous? Indubitably. Motivating? Surprisingly yes. I’ve had students practically doing cartwheels when after multiple courses, they finally join the elusive club!


At the end of each semester, I hand out course surveys, to be completed anonymously if they wish, to be read by me after I submit report cards (so the feedback won’t help/hurt their marks).

Despite not asking for a numeric ranking, I almost made it ‘in da club’ according to this one survey!


(the “not listening to the CDs” is referring to French language conversation CDs)


One could consider the music blogosphere as somewhat of a club. Many of my fellow bloggers are really into either:

a) Special Editions of albums

b) Iron Maiden, or rather, Maiden!

I was fortunate to find this enhanced CD version of IM’s self-titled debut at a 40% off sale – not quite fiddy % off but considering it’s Maiden AND a special edition, I’m feeling like a part of this club!

Iron Maiden albums


But the question is, is Iron Maiden’s Iron Maiden in da club?

Based on these 5 categories, its credentials are impressive:

1. Album Art – some bands have instantly identifiable sounds, Maiden boasts perhaps the most instantly identifiable sleeves. 10/10

2. Guitarmonies – YES. 10/10

3. Epic mid-album track – Phantom Of The Opera (POTO). 10/10

4. The enhanced CD features do enhance the experience, including this snazzy family tree of the band history. 10/10

family tree

5. A thoughtful running order. I imagine this would have worked exceptionally well on vinyl, with POTO closing out side 1 with a bang and the instrumental Transylvania kicking off side 2 nicely. I also like the emphatic closing statement, wrapping up Iron Maiden’s debut album Iron Maiden with the track Iron Maiden. 10/10


On my version, I would have to deduct points for the siren in Sanctuary, it tricked me at least twice while listening in the car! And I might have to subtract a tad more because you can only scroll as far as 1980 in the interactive family tree, I wanted to learn more. Perhaps it’s available in the enhanced CD versions of later studio albums?

With those deductions, that would bring the score down to about a 48.6/50.

Or about a 9.72/10.

However, seeing as Sanctuary was not included in the 1980 original LP (nor were the imperfect 1998 enhanced CD features), I suppose the perfect 50/50, and thus their membership in da club, would remain intact.

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  1. :). :). 🙂

    New cover or old cover, I love it. Derek Riggs is the man’s name. I love his art.

    I have the same issues with sirens!

    • Especially sirens buried mid-song like this one!
      Thanks Mike – I’m just reading his wikipedia page, pleased to read he also worked with the Iron MaidenS!

      • No kidding? I didn’t know that. The first Eddie was drawn for a punk rock band cover — that’s why he looks like he has a fauxhawk! But it wasn’t used and Maiden loved it.

        I’m really glad you liked this, honestly! But I say PAH! to your special edition 🙂 I have a European 2 CD set with all the B-sides! Including Sanctuary!

      • Haha, I’m still a novice with the extended editions, the enhanced CD is a good gateway to that world!
        And I really did enjoy this one, I know we’ve chatted about some trepidation when approaching albums that are beloved by friends – fortunately, this one delivered, and then some!

      • And for the $3.20 this CD cost me, I’m beyond pleased with the return on investment!

      • Of course. Their “female Eddie” is almost as iconic as the original.

        Will be seeing them again soon. While of course there is some aspect of “novelty act” in a girl band playing Maiden, I dare say that they play the songs quite well. And the singer, with a deep voice (for a woman) has the same range as Bruce. Definitely worth it.

      • I tend to gravitate to the ladies with the nice lower vocal ranges – if they come through Canada I’d be keen to check them out!

  2. Sirens don’t bother me at all – you pair of guilty dudes!

  3. My daughter listens to pop/dance music. I tell her that many of her artists (usually the younger, male ones) sound like they have a Grade 3 education. I have to drive her and her teammate to Toronto tonight and every Tuesday, so a total of 3-4 hours of pop/dance music though the car speakers. As if the Toronto traffic isn’t bad enough, I have to listen to the same 20 songs, and half of them using bad grammar. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!

    As for the French cd’s how about a mixup. Mitsou, Pleymo, Trust, Eths, etc.

    Perfect score from me as well.

    As for the sirens, Money City Maniacs has had me looking in the rear view a few times. I’m sure it is the same as the Maiden as the stereo is always cranked.

    • My daughters haven’t got into competitive sports yet, so our chauffeuring trips aren’t nearly as long (yet). But my eldest loves the top 40 (or probably closer to 20 as you say!), so I’m definitely familiar with those hits. If she requests Taylor Swift, chances are I can find it on one of the stations!
      Haven’t showed the classes Mitsou’s bye bye mon cowboy yet, might have to make an appearance next time!

      • The worst part for me is on the ride home, the station has got through the 20 songs and the songs I heard on the way down, are back in rotation cued up for the ride home. 😦

      • haha, my daughter’s school bus plays the local radio station, she often talks about hearing the same song on the way to/from school – today it was Adele’s Hello!

      • Bye Bye Mon Rodeo

  4. The other thing is, if you carry around an Iron Maiden album(especially on vinyl) with you, the police are obliged to let you go. That is now international law.

    • Sometimes those international legislators really get it right!

      • Also, a good excuse to always have Maiden in the car, just in case. I believe it may lower your insurance rates as well.

  5. That’s awesome to get your class involved……nice surprise to see Maiden round these parts for the Ol Geezers in the crowd!
    My daughter bought me this album for my birthday last year on vinyl!
    Classic Metal!

    • Giving the gift of Maiden vinyl, That is a terrific daughter Deke, I blame great parenting!
      I can only imagine the art looks even better in the larger dimensions

      • Yeah it’s cool I’m gonna review it at some point. I had it years ago and when she gave it to me it was like I was 15 again! Still am to a certain extent! Haha

      • Hey I’d say our 15 year old selves had some pretty good taste in music!

  6. Hackskeptic permalink

    I don’t believe a word of it Geoff! lol the music you’re subjecting them to lost you .28/10. As for Maiden, I’m kinda looking forward to their debut record review, I know a lot of their subsequent work sounded the same, but I’ll review this record with no preconceptions.

    • Oh I swear them to secrecy about some of the songs that I played in class – there’s a Canadian group who shall not be named whose song names fit well when it’s the last day of a project, I make them promise to not tell my colleagues I played said group!

  7. ‘Iron Maiden’ by Iron Maiden from the album (italics) Iron Maiden? I LOVE those.

    So thank you thank you for an addition to my “TOP 5 Artist/Album/Song = Same/Same/Same” List. (That name could use some work, I think).

    There are now three entries.

  8. Is this the only Maiden album on the list? While it’s good, I dare say that most are even better. If I had to choose an album which is good and also represents their classic phase, then Piece of Mind or Powerslave.

    For those who aren’t familiar with them: despite the goofy image, Maiden are really the thinking man’s metal band. Also, keep in mind that (and I am not exaggerating) there is more variety within “heavy metal” than the rest of music combined. In my view, Maiden have more in common with 70s hardrock such as Wishbone Ash, Thin Lizzy, Rush, Jethro Tull, and Uriah Heep than they do with other heavy metal bands.

    • The 1001 included this one and Number of the Beast (haven’t got to it yet) – I see what you mean about the thinking man’s band. This didn’t feel like just a play loud + fast + with aggression formula, there was a lot more going on musically

      • Also, the lyrics, while perhaps not attaining the heights of Ian Anderson, Neil Peart, or even Roger Waters, are a cut above the usual metal lyrics. Spinal Tap was supposed to be a parody, but their lyrics are actually better than those of many “real” bands. 🙂

  9. Last day of class? RUSH!!!

    I have to admit when I took French and Spanish in high school, listening to the foreign language tapes (yes, tapes) was not anyone’s favorite. Our teachers were American and never had a real accent for the language they were speaking. So when we were suddenly asked to translate an actual French person speaking French or an actual Hispanic person speaking Spanish, we had some issues 🙂

  10. Man, now you gotta get Killers too! Those first two Maiden records are awesome. Well done!

    • And I remember you having plenty of nice things to say about the most recent one – impressive they’ve still got it, 35 years later!

    • Heck yes they still got it. That new record is huge! Of course, the first two records were a different singer…

      I was in HMV the other day and saw Book Of Souls on heavy weight vinyl (a 3LP set!) for $47.99 and was very tempted. Except I already own the thing on CD and $50 is $50. Still! Oh man I go see them play on April 3 AND I CANNOT WAIT!!!

  11. I was inspired to give this a spin after reading your post. Not listened to it for ages and enjoyed it a lot. Moved straight on to Killers which was, dare I say, even better!

    And the sirens don’t bother me… but the “hahaha” when he laughs at the wind is pretty distracting. I always think “who’s that laughing at the wind?” and then I realise it’s just the CD playing. Grrr!

    • I fear now I will only hear the wind-directed laughter!
      Glad you enjoyed it HMO, Killers has come highly recommended by a few reliable sources, perhaps I should sneak that in before the next 1001 inclusion Number of the Beast!

      • It’s not a bad idea. Hear the Paul Di’Anno stuff before moving on to Dickinson. I’m quite intrigued by this band/album/song hat trick. Trying… and struggling… to think of any!

      • Bruce has accumulated 4, so his Top 5 may be on the horizon!

  12. Haven’t ever heard this one (or Killers). The stuff I’m most familiar with is the Bruce stuff.

    … they have a self-titled track, thought! Urgh!

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