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Top 5 UK Citizen Names

February 16, 2016

Exemplary artwork by Sarca @ caughtmegaming


In addition to being perhaps the premier exporter of music, the UK may also boast the finest citizen nicknames.

It’s almost worth moving to these 5 cities for the nicknames alone!


5. Haligonian (Halifax, West Yorkshire)
Notable Haligonian: Ed Sheeran


4. Cornish (Cornwall)
Notable Cornish Musician: Mick Fleetwood


3. Glaswegian (Glasgow)
Notable Glaswegian: Jim Dead


2. Liverpudlian (Liverpool)
Notable Liverpudlians: The La’s


1. Mancunian (Manchester)
Notable Mancunian group (so many great ones!): The Stone Roses

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  1. Zack permalink

    Who are the La’s? Weren’t there a few other notable Liverpudlians before them?

    • There are plenty yes – I was originally going to say notable Liverpudlian group without a member named Ringo!

    • Tangled Up In Music (by Ovidiu Boar) permalink

      Big favorites of and influence on Oasis.

  2. Haligonian? Never heard that before! Every day is a school day.

  3. My fave was always Liverpudlians. Very evocative. That would’ve been my #1! 🙂

    Nice list!

    • THanks Aaron – I’m curious about the etymology of the names, why was Liverpudlian deemed the appropriate term? I’m glad it was, it’s brilliant!

  4. I have only ever used three of these five. Cornish, usually referring to a hen. I have also used Glaswegian and Liverpudlian. Like Aaron, I like that word. Only a few steps away from Lilliputian!

  5. Also: Nice revival of Jim Dead

  6. Hackskeptic permalink

    Here’s some more….Londoners – Cockneys
    Birmingham – Brummies
    Wolverhampton (my home town) – Yam Yams
    Liverpool – Scousers
    Yorkshire – Tykes
    Newcastle – Geordies

    I could probably think of some more given a couple of hours to ponder.

    • Those are stellar, I particularly like Yam Yams (I gather Wulfrunian is also acceptable?)!

    • Man, I totally just had an 80s flashback. Gowan’s Strange Animal album’s liner notes contain a bit where he acknowledges “Good Vibes from ‘the man behind the kitchen door (you scouser)!'”

      We used to laugh at that, as kids (as we were about 10 when that album came out) and run around calling each other scouser. And now, after all these years, I might know better what it means! The man behind the kitchen door was from Liverpool!

      Now we just need to figure out what the hell he was doing back there…

      • Hackskeptic permalink

        haha glad everything is clear now!

  7. Was just thinking, still better than unoriginal Canadian equivalents. Here are a few examples (roughly from E-W, of course):

    Haligonians (hey!)
    Quebecker (Québeçois/se)
    Montrealers (Montréalais/Montréalaise)

    and so on.

    Honestly. You’d think with our long cold winters we’d have lots of time to come up with better names.

    • I like the geographically comprehensive list – is it Owen Sounder? Soundite? Soundian?!

      • Well, I’m sure the people of St. John’s, Fredericton, Charlottetown, Victoria… lots of ’em saying Hey where’s OUR town! Anyway. Yeah, not very original denonyms around here.

        I have no idea if we even have a proper term for people from here, but I asked my lovely wife and she said Owen Sounders. And she is right about many things, so I’m gonna go with her vote!

      • Owen Sounders works for me – I like the hockey team name, the Attack, who needs a plural with an ‘s’!

  8. Haha! Great list. 🙂 They do have odd citizen nicknames here!

  9. Cool read Geoff….I have to put on my thinking cap when I come around these parts! Hahaha

    • Thanks Deke – I can’t promise much useful information, but I’m fan of such great useless trivia!

    • I Googled it, Deke. You’re a Thunder Bayer. Which either means you make aspirin out of thunder, or you howl at the full moon during rain storms. I can’t tell.

  10. Haligonian, eh? Almost sounds like they should be from one of the Star Wars movies.

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