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Let’s Talk

January 27, 2016


I tend to subscribe to the Wayne’s World quote, “contract or no, I will not bow to any sponsor.”

But sometimes it’s worth noting when companies get it right.

While this post won’t contribute financially by using the hashtag, #BellLetsTalk, I’m pleased that Bell will be donating 5¢ for every tweet/text/facebook image shared with that hashtag today.

More importantly, I’m grateful to see so many people taking part, sharing stories, thoughtful quotes, and helping to end the stigma.

One of my favourites from today, “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. Always.”

Talking helps, keep the conversations going.


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  1. Such an important message. Mike Babcock said some really important things last night before the Leafs game. I’m glad that work is being done to erase the stigma. But much work is still to be done.

    • I saw he was an ambassador this year, I’ll look up the clip.
      Absolutely Mike, still a ways to go, but this is a good early step.

      • If you can find the clip, do watch. It was personally very affecting.

        The stigma is such a problem. Even those of us who should know better still say things like “He’s nuts,” or “That’s crazy” without thinking about our word choices.

      • Just listened to his interview with Michael Landsberg, very articulate.
        I’ve been really impressed with Babcock (I imagine as a Leafs fan, Jen approves too!).
        A couple of his quotes this year have really registered with me:
        ‘I want to make the 23 men on my team better people, then better hockey players’
        ‘If you aren’t at my kitchen table or at my lakehouse in the summer, your opinion doesn’t matter’

      • He’s a great coach. I hope he does well. He earned a lot of my respect last night.

  2. I had been cynical in past years around Bell’s Let’s Talk initiative, and not sure why. But, having suffered myself, I have come around to it. Some – any- talk on mental health sheds light on a darkness. Heaven knows there needs to be more of that!

    • You and me both Sarca – I used to think it was a clever marketing fit with the zeitgeist, they saw an opportunity to support a cause without really having to do any concrete actions.
      Much like yourself, my perspective changed, especially as I’ve learned more and more family and friends had been suffering in silence.
      Will today make all the difference? It’s at least getting people talking and I’m all for that.

      • I like that Ma Bell is willing to pony up some scratch too. I mean, drop in the bucket, but still.

  3. It’s a good cause and a great reason for a post, sir. Thank you for the heads up. A small way to do something good today.

    • Thanks sourgirl – your post about unnecessary reading got me thinking, talking about mental health is definitely a necessary conversation

  4. You got me on this one – hook, line and sinker – you never know what the person next to you is facing AND you don’t know the power of a small act of kindness. We are all connected.

  5. Thank you for posting this… I had no idea about this campaign. Twitter here I come!

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