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Top 5 “London” Songs

January 19, 2016

Exemplary artwork by Sarca @ caughtmegaming.

Is London the most referenced city in popular music? More so than NYC?

A quick wikipedia search reveals a staggering amount of tunes about London.

To narrow it down somewhat, I’ll pick my top 5 songs with the six letter sequence ‘l-o-n-d-o-n’ somewhere in the title.


5. Hall & Oates, London Luck and Love
I like the guitar tones almost as much as the Ritz product placement.


4. Coldplay, Cemeteries of London
I’m a sucker for 6/8 time signatures.


3. The Clash, London’s Burning
Though I prefer the album London Calling to The Clash, Burning tops Calling in the battle of ‘London + Verb’ tracks.


2. The Smiths, London
What? Not #1?


1.Blur, London Loves
No shame in being 2nd to Blur!

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  1. Never been a Smiths fan (can’t seem to enjoy Morrissey’s voice, although I’ve come around to it more in recent years) but I strongly agree with the other four choices here. Bonus points for including an overlooked H&O gem. I’ve been re-playing the early Blur albums recently so nice #1 selection here.

    A couple of others for consideration off the top of my head:
    “Down To London” – Joe Jackson
    “Towers Of London” – XTC
    “A Foggy Day (In London Town)” – Frank Sinatra

  2. Noooo!!!! London Calling, every time!

  3. ianbalentine permalink

    Aside from all the great choices already mentioned, may I offer up We Are London by Madness and London Girl by the Pogues?

    • You certainly may – both familiar groups but unfamiliar tunes.
      The Pogues would be tough to beat on a Top 5 NYC list!

    • Pogues also had:

      Dark Streets Of London
      London You’re A Lady
      Lullaby Of London

      • ianbalentine permalink

        Nice, forgot about those.

      • So had I (off the top of my head)… until I checked my iTunes to see what I’d missed. 😉

  4. For me number one by a mile is ‘London Is The Reason’ by Gallows 🙂

  5. I’ll provide the Metal side with London LeatherBoys by Accept from the Balls To The Wall album(1984)

  6. I’ll add Black Crowes’ P.25 London.

    • And I’ll add all these suggestions to a London Youtube playlist, thanks Aaron!

      • When you play the Crowes, turn it up!

        Great post again, Geoff. You’re certainly a quality over quantity guy.

  7. Another theme that could certainly go the distance!
    Like you, Geoff, I favour ‘London’s burning’ over ‘London calling’ just as I favour the Clash’s debut over the more successful later album.
    A special mention, perhaps, for Bowie’s ‘London boys’.

  8. jprobichaud permalink

    I’m most definitely a “London calling” guy myself. Other “London” faves for me would include “London, can you wait?” by Gene and “London, England” by Corduroy. Great top five though.

  9. Some might prefer a younger version of the band:

  10. I can’t think of any others! Aaron’s P.25 London is the only one that springs to mind!

    … and London Boy’s London Nights. Hahaha! *falls over*

  11. Tangled Up In Music (by Ovidiu Boar) permalink

    Wings’ London Town deserves a mention. Not anything spectacular, but a nice little understated tune. I love London Burning too, one of the most punchy (both musically and lyrically) songs on their debut.

  12. There’s also “LDN” by Lily Allen and “London Bridge” by Fergie. “London Calling” is the my favourite of all though! And has anyone mentioned “London Bridge is falling down” LOL!

    • I’ve been singing London Bridge a fair bit since making the list, don’t think it got any votes yet though!

      • Donna permalink

        One of my all time favorite albums, Third Eye Blind’s debut, track #10 is “London” 🙂

      • Nice choice – I have that album, forgot about that track though. Some really strong tunes on that one!

  13. Donna permalink

    “London” on Third Eye Blind’s debut album.

  14. Deke beat me to Accept but I’ll throw in Queensryche’s London too. And up the metal ante with Voices’ entire album, London! It’s concept album set in the city and its a masterpiece.

    • I remember reading about that group on your site HMO (best of 2014 maybe?) – foolishly haven’t checked it out yet though!

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