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Made in Canada Bands

December 31, 2015

Music of the World_CanadaExemplary Artwork by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

Sometimes it’s OK to admit defeat.

Case in point #1: Joining an already ridiculously long line on December 24th with hungry & tired children, only to wait for a less-than-inexpensive photo with Mall Santa, probability of tears during said photo shoot being 50/50.

Key to success: Acknowledge no-win situation, try to have a bit of fun during the approximately 90 minute wait (playing I spy & other diverting/distracting games), and hope for the best. Overlook lack of smiles, celebrate lack of tears in photo as a modest success!



Case in point #2: Trying to create a list of the Top 5 Canadian Bands.

Key to success: Acknowledge no-win situation, try to have a bit of fun instead by creating an approximately 90 minute ‘Made in Canada Bands’ mixtape. An actual, physical mixtape, made in real time. Overlook the egregious omissions (Rush, Arkells, Great Big Sea…) due to the limited CD-to-cassette compilation capability, celebrate the inclusion of a couple dozen bands (instead of just 5) as a modest success!




Program A

1. Thrush Hermit, From the Back of the Film

2. The Watchmen, Incarnate

3. I Mother Earth, Another Sunday

4. Matthew Good Band, Strange Days

5. Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra, Bessie Smith

6. The Good Lovelies, Crabbuckit

7. The Tragically Hip, Ahead By a Century

8. 54-40, Since When

9. treble charger, Even Grable

10. Hot Hot Heat, Get In or Get Out

11. Wide Mouth Mason, Why

12. Arcade Fire, Rebellion (Lies)

13. The Weakerthans, Left and Leaving


Program B

1. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Having an Average Weekend

2. Stars, The Night Starts Here

3. Sandbox, Carry

4. Our Lady Peace, Naveed

5. Zuckerbaby, Andromeda

6. Age of Electric, Don’t Wreck It

7. Cowboy Junkies, Mining for Gold

8. Moist, Leave it Alone

9. Odds, Eat My Brain

10. BNL, Be My Yoko Ono

11. Sloan, Flying High Again

12. Blue Rodeo, Hasn’t Hit Me Yet



And that concludes both Made in Canada December and the calendar year of 2015.

Thanks for participating, Happy New Year to all!

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  1. This tape ruuuuuuuuules. Fine work!

  2. D’awwww the babies! So cute! Our kids refused to sit on Santa’s knee this year, just flat out NOPE. Ah well, there’s always next year!

    And I’m with James, this tape rules! If it was for sale in shops I would buy it, no question. What a cool mix! Seriously, you nailed it!

    Also: mix tape. Attaboy!

    • Many thanks Aaron – it was really fun going back into mixtape mode, trying to get the sequence just right. There’s something special about the medium too, no clicking and dragging, you have to physically be present to record/pause the tape!

      • Oh for sure, total nostalgia trip. We spent so many hours selecting songs, getting the mix just right… A real labour of love. The Drag & Drop era won’t understand! 🙂

  3. Your kids are adorable:) and I totally forgot about Be My Yoko Ono. Listening to it now….

  4. Aw! H and R are so cute! And great mix, sir! Even Grable? Yes! Incarnate? Double yes!
    Happy new year to the Stephen famjam!

  5. ianbalentine permalink

    Ah, nice job. I was getting worried while scanning down the list that you were going to forget about Sloan, one of my all time favorite bands, never mind where they’re from. But you didn’t, and you get 10 bonus points for including 54/40 and , but I must dock you a point for Max Webster, and SMOASP. I would have added The Gruesomes, SNFU, Dik Van Dykes, DOA, Teenage Head and The Kings, but hey, I’m a weird little ’80’s kid, what do I know?
    Great job, and thanks for giving those Canucks some air time. Have a great New Year!

    • Forgot Max Webster – Kim Mitchell would be on a solo artist tape for sure!
      Thanks Ian, Happy 2016!

  6. ianbalentine permalink

    Oops, I meant “an extra point” for SMOASP. Love those guys!

  7. Nice post Geoff! I don’t miss those days of lineups ….like yourself I would drift away muself all musically related like yourself and my wife would snap me back into reality..hahaha….
    Totally dig your tape idea. Some of those tunes can transport you back in time!

  8. That’s a sweet mixtape there, Geoff. I’m new to a fair few of those bands (thanks to Aaron!) and I’m really digging Sloan (again, thanks to Aaron!).

    However, I must register grumbles for the omission of The Sadies and The New Pornographers!

    Anyhoo, Happy New Year to you and the family! Hurrah!

    • Consider the Sadies & New Pornographers included on the inevitable Volume II!
      Thanks J – glad to hear that some CanCon is getting some airtime in Glasgow, happy 2016!

      • I’m already digging Volume II! 🙂

  9. What no Annihilator?! man.

  10. What a trip. Zuckerbaby. I haven’t heard that name in a long time!


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