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A Festivus Mixtape!

December 24, 2015

Music of the World_CanadaExemplary Artwork by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

I don’t always listen to compilations.

But when I do…I listen to compilations made 23 years ago by a plucky 11-year-old Canadian!

I found this cassette in our basement recently, simply titled ” ’92 Mix Tape “

How could I not investigate further?


Program A

1.Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Baby Got Back

2. Kris Kross, Warm it Up Kris

3. GNR, November Rain

4. Technotronic, Move This

5. Boyz II Men, End of the Road

6. Right Said Fred, Deeply Dippy

7. Kris Kross, Jump

8. Acosta Russell, Deep in My Soul

9. The Cure, Friday I’m in Love

10. Shakespear’s Sister, Stay

11. U2, Even Better than the Real Thing

12. Bobby Brown, Humpin’ Around

13. Bryan Adams, Do I Have to Say the Words?


Program B

1. Barenaked Ladies, Enid

2. Kris Kross, I Missed the Bus

3. K.W.S., Please Don’t Go

4. 54-40, She-La

5. Def Leppard, Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad?

6. Toad the Wet Sprocket, All I Want

7. Tom Cochrane, Life is a Highway

8. House of Pain, Jump Around

9. Blue Rodeo, Lost Together

10. Michael Jackson, Thriller


Listening to this 23-track mix tape 23 years later put me in a ridiculously good mood.

The wonderful memories associated with these songs are too plentiful to mention (a nice problem to have) so I’ll leave the songs to speak for themselves.

I hope some of the above tracks trigger a pleasant memory or 23 for you as well.

And as it is December 23rd, of course, a Happy Festivus to all.

Whatever you celebrate/don’t celebrate this year, make it a good one, enjoy!

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  1. WOW. That’s really something. Nicely done!

    I have a whole pile of mixed cassettes from back in the day here. This was fun! What a nostalgia trip.

    Happy Festivus!

    • I love mixtapes!
      There was something really neat about the making of a mixtape, it had to be done in real time, no dragging & dropping like an instantly produced CD.
      And this mixtape was particularly fun for me as it was clearly taped from MuchMusic or the radio, so it had the VJ/DJ commentary on some or video actor dialogue on others!

      • Perhaps you’ve inspired me to blow the dust off of some of my old tapes. I’d have no idea now what was on any of them… could all be crap! Hahaha

      • I’d be keen to read about such tape tracklists!
        Even if they end up being ‘crap’ it’s fun to revisit, at one point, you felt that was a tape that simply had to be made – I’m a sucker for those sorts of time capsules!

      • Maybe I can have some fun with those tapes in the new year. I’ve got a whole box of ’em. 🙂 Time capsules indeed. Oh man.

  2. Happy Festivus! I have no grievances to address though!

    Eclectic mix Geoff, well done. Lost Together and Thriller to close!

    • No feats of strength either!
      My thanks Mike, I was pleased with my 11-year-old self’s attention to detail with the running order!

      • Friday I’m in Love early on side one, to get the spirits up. Both Tom and Bryan on the tape. Lots of rap and rock. And a GNR epic. Awesome.

      • Haha, the GNR was a bit incongruous in between Kris Kross & Technotronic!
        Full credit to my wonderful wife, a few years ago she introduced me to the brilliant bassline in life is a highway’s chorus, really nice pattern!

      • I never noticed honestly!

        And Kriss Kross? They’ll make ya jump, jump.

      • I think I must have felt a loyalty to the similarly-aged Kris Kross at the time – they’re on the tape 3 times!

      • I noticed that, but I wasn’t gonna say anything because, hey, chaçun son gôut!

  3. I know they aren’t Canadian, but I love the presence of the Toad song! One of my first favorites, as well.

    Happy Holidays, my friend!

    • I never had a Toad album – but they always seemed to be a standout on any of the soundtracks I had, All I want feels like one of those songs I wish I’d written!
      And same to you Sourgirl, season’s greetings to you & yours in Ohio!

  4. You Got To Move This….now this is a cool story Geoff! What a mix bag! Your like Aaron but your more of a contemporary Melting Pot whereas Aaron has everything in the meltimg pot! I dig these kinda posts gives us a look I to other friends listening habits….

    • You I melt everything – even BOOKS! 😉

    • Thanks Deke!
      These were definitely my listening habits in ’92 – funny that some of them would still make it on my mix tapes today. After finding this one, I went digging for more and found a sequel, one where Whitney Houston made an appearance on side 1 and side 2 was mostly GNR (I think I just put the entire Muchmusic ‘spotlight’ episode on there)!

  5. Friggin iPad! It’s time for DeKEs fill in the blanks sentences!

  6. And in regards to the “Fill in the blanks” I’ll beat Ladano and Aaron to it by saying …”That’s what she said!”

  7. jprobichaud permalink

    I agree with Mike. Very eclectic but I think it was a fine representation of the time. Fun post!

    • Thanks JP – ’92 was my gateway to music year, so regardless of their musical merit, these tunes will always be special for me – enjoy the holidays!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        If they’re special to you, that’s their musical merit. Merry Christmas!

  8. Brilliant. I love mixtapes. This certainly is an eclectic one! I recognise a few tracks on here that definitely appeared on one or two of my own … some fond memories indeed! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Holidays, Geoff!

    • I think by ’94 it was all guitars all the time for me – so I guess my taste in music now is returning to my eclectic ’92 roots!
      Thanks J, Merry Christmas to you folks too!

      • We all go through an “all guitars all the time” phase, I reckon. Loud guitars especially!

  9. Kris Kross? Mwah-ha-ha!!

  10. Is there really a band called Toad the Wet Sprocket?! This impresses me hugely. 👍🏻

    • There certainly is! From that fun trend in the 90s of appealing music being written by unappealing band names (Toad the Wet Sprocket, Hootie and the Blowfish…)

  11. Happy festivus! Great find!

  12. This tape is the best. Kris Kross deep cuts!

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