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Top 5 Canadian Male Solo Artists

December 11, 2015

Music of the World_Canada

exemplary artwork by sarca @ caughtmegaming

The first of (hopefully) several Made in Canada Top 5s – The Top 5 Canadian Male Solo Artists!


5. Leonard Cohen
5 years ago, he wouldn’t have been anywhere near this list.


4. Neil Young
Ditto Neil!


3. Joel Plaskett
I’ll see him live any day, always puts on a great show.


2. Raffi
My grand-kids’ grand-kids will still be listening to Baby Beluga!


1.Bryan Adams
I have no illusions of having, nor aspirations of obtaining, so-called music cred. I’ll always love BA!

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  1. ianbalentine permalink

    Bruce Cockburn would be in there for me, as would Gordon Lightfoot. Maybe even Kim Mitchell. Nice start!

    • Thanks Ian – depending on how many top 5s I do, all 3 are contenders on various song/songwriting/sing-a-long chorus lists!

  2. Leonard Cohen is amazing. One of my brothers was rather obsessed with him in high school, and I benefitted greatly from that obsession. He’s an incredible musician and writer. I’m so glad he made your list.

    Yay Canada!

    • It’s nice when we can benefit from the music obsessions of family/roommates, I was lucky with my roomates in University, all had excellent taste!

  3. 2 and 3 are new to me.

    Joni Mitchell would be near the top of my list, for sure. As would The Band (Robbie Robertson and Rick Danko)

    Cheers Geoff.

    • Thanks Bruce – The Band and Joni may yet make appearances on group & solo female lists, the month is young!

      • Yep. I realised just after hitting ‘Reply’ that I had not read the heading adequately. That’ll teach me to comment before morning coffee!
        Look forward to the unfolding Canadian saga.

  4. Cool list! I like the inclusion of Joel Plaskett.

    I gave it a think, and off the top of my head I’d go something like this:

    5. Bruce Cockburn
    4. Gordon Lightfoot
    3. Gord Downie
    2. Neil Young
    1. Leonard Cohen

    Because LEONARD! 🙂

    • Nothing wrong with any of the above – admittedly, I’m not terribly well versed on Bruce Cockburn. Spoiler alert, we haven’t heard the last of either of the Gords for this month!

  5. Zack permalink

    You’ve ordered this wrong. Leonard Cohen is supposed to be #1 and Bryan Adams is supposed to be #35,150,003. I hate to embarrass you like this, but it’s a pretty big error.

    • Bwahahahahah!

      “Canada has already apologized for Bryan Adams on many occasions.” – South Park

      • Zack permalink

        You’ll never do it enough. He’s like the Canadian version of Donald Trump.

      • Thankfully, there can only be one version of Donald Trump!

      • Zack permalink

        Don’t be so sure. Never underestimate America!

    • How embarrassing!
      Which perhaps only reinforces BA’s greatness, the great’s are always polarizing 😀

  6. A little disappointed that I’m not on this list. But then again all my solo albums are unreleased. And unrecorded.

    Way to think out of the box on Raffi man. That took me by surprise.

    Who was discussing Bryan Adams this week with me? Was it 1537?

    • I’ve already pre-ordered your Japanese imports, Mike it’s taking you longer to release your record than Axl with Chinese Democracy!

  7. jprobichaud permalink

    Thirty years ago, I might’ve been all over you for not including Gowan or Corey Hart here but these days, my votes would lean more towards John K Samson, Jason Collett, and yes, most definitely Leonard Cohen. And I can’t argue with the summer of ’69.

    • There’s still place for those lads in my books! One of the things google has ruined is the great debate over song lyrics, I have fond memories of trying to determine the chorus to ‘sunglasses at night.’
      And Gowan? You’re No strange animal for that 30-years-ago pick, that’s what I know!

      • Man, Gowan was one of the first ones to pop into my head! I love that guy’s records! Such a major part of my listening and formative years as a kid, but I left him off my 5 because I thought it was just a nostalgia vote. Hm. Can I make mine a Top 6?

      • Top 6 request – approved!

  8. … wait … no Justin Bieber??

  9. This is my first time listening to Plaskett and Raffi . Big fan of Neil Young and Leonard Cohen, especially their older stuff sits well with me. Bryan Adams I know in a greatest hits-sort-of-way.Will you be sharing a top 5 female Canadian solo artists?

    • Raffi’s one of those terrific children’s singers that doesn’t ‘sing down’ to kids, just does his thing and the results are pretty timeless.
      There will most definitely be a list featuring Canadian ladies, thanks for reading!

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