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$1.29 well spent

November 19, 2015

Thank you to my fellow bloggers for your thoughtful Paris reflections this week.

I appreciate how the messages I’ve read have been almost universally of hope & understanding.

Many of you have likely seen this already, I just got wind of this fan-driven movement:!/blogs/2015/11/Music-fans-push-Eagles-of-Death-Metal-to-number-1-Duran-Duran-to-donate-proceeds-to-charity

It’s a small gesture of support and I think it’s wonderful idea.


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  1. Thanks for posting Geoff!

  2. That’s awesome.

  3. I only bought the LP last week too.

  4. i was pleasantly surprised when i browsed through wordpress with the tag ‘paris’ last night. lots of people just expressing the emotions they went through or supporting positive reactions to the crisis. the wild hate was quite minimal. it was fascinating and strangely heartwarming,

    ps. this comment comes with no capitalisation, as i am typing with one hand and holding a baby in the other – which i now do for about 10 hours a day

    • I often find my faith in humanity restored when I see people supporting each other after such a tragedy.
      Nice to see that hope & kindness do triumph over hate.
      And nice to hear you’re able to multitask with the new arrival, hope all’s going well with the wee one Andy!

  5. also EODM are brilliant. sucks that such a shitty thing happened to them and so many of their fans – though it wouldnt have been any better if it was any other act’s concert

  6. Cool. Beans. Thanks Geoff!

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