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Manic Street Preachers – Everything Must Go (1996)

November 14, 2015


exemplary artwork by sarca @ caughtmegaming

Into the Black Artist #1: Venom

Into the Black Artist #2: Joni Mitchell

Into the Black Artist #3: Manic Street Preachers
(qualify with the Everything Must Go track, Small Black Flowers That Grow in the Sky)


[Album 435/1001]220px-EverythingMustGo(1996album)Albumcover

What advice would you give your teenage self?

I’ve recently been pondering this question.

My answer?

See my letter below, scheduled to arrive in 1996 on the release date of Everything Must Go.








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  1. Ha awesome letter to yourself! I went to the Day For Night release here in Tbay! I like your angle of the UK and Canadian Rock angle. It’s crazy that these songs are two decades time flies….

    • Thanks Deke – I thought it was worth introducing my 14 year old self to this group instead of missing out on them for another almost 2 decades!
      Time does fly, it’s funny I can still picture where I was when I heard certain tunes for the first time.
      I think I bought Day for Night on cassette from the Burlington mall, no midnight release alas!

      • I know where your coming from in regards to hearing and remembering tracks for the first time. In a couple of weeks I have a VH album that I yammer on about and I talk about hearing a certain VH track for the first time back in 1983! Hahaha….Father Time is flashing before my eyes! Haha….
        They did the midnight sale here in Tbay for Fully Completely,Day For Night and Henhouse as well…I went to the first two mentioned …mind U I was 24 when Fully came out….got a few years on Ya!

      • I look forward to that VH yammering!
        Fully Completely, perhaps the most important album in my collection – that’s a post I’ll have to do someday, seeing the video for Locked in the Trunk of a Car for the first time – life changing, in the best way!

      • For sure Geoff! Did you get the deluxe edition of Fully? That Live at the Horseshoe show from 92 is just plain gold! The Wherewithal is my fav……

      • Not yet – thanks for reminding me to put it on the CHristmas wishlist!

      • Oooo that live extra disc is a good one! 🙂

  2. jprobichaud permalink

    A design for life!!!!!

  3. Jings … 19 years. I didn’t own this, but my younger brother was discovering the Manic Street Preachers (there was a track from Gold Against the Soul on a compilation I had got the year before) and was very enthusiastic about this when it was released. Naturally I got to hear it. A lot. Quite like it, too. Saw them twice – the first time shortly after the release and they were brilliant. Boh times, actually.

    I wouldn’t consider myself a fan, but I did have time for this one. Haven’t heard it in many years, though.

    • The Holy Bible’s on the list as well – sounds like a group I ought to add to my must see list! Hope the wee man’s doing well J!

      • I think The Holy Bible is their best, but I can’t say I’m familiar with much else in their catalogue (I didn’t listen to much else after this one). They’re definitely a band to experience live, though.

        And the wee man’s doing great – thanks, Geoff!

  4. Another original by Geoff. Well done.

    • My thanks Mike, I appreciate it!

      I thought of you this week (while reading yet another Klosterman book, Killing Yourself to Live) – towards the ends, he compares the various women he’s loved to the members/ex-members of Kiss.

      He said that’s how he sees the world, the Kiss parallels were so obvious to him it didn’t seem original.

      So I appreciate you finding my posts original, I sometimes wish I could write more detailed/thoughtful analyses but I can only write through the lens I’ve got, which tends to include time travel/arts & crafts!

      • Interesting, Geoff! I myself have never thought of lovers in terms of Kiss members, but I have used Kiss to parallel other bands or movies. Such as, “That guy is Gene, that guy is Paul,” etc. We all do that 😉

  5. Advice to my teenage self? Oh man I’d have tons. Where to start? Don’t sweat the petty things, have fun petting the sweaty things… Haha!

    This is a band I have only heard on two CMJ comps. I’ve known OF them forever, but never dug in. Cool post! Thanks!

    • Important life advice yes!
      And so far this is my only MSP experience, but it’s safe to say they’re 1 for 1 so far – thanks Aaron!

      • You know, our good buddy 1537 is a big MSP fan. I’m sure he’ll see this post!

  6. Call me Mr Perverse Pants, but this really isn’t a favourite of mine at all – in fact I only really like two tracks, which I know puts me at odds with the rest of the western world, but hey. ‘A Design For Life’ is, however, simply one of my favourite songs ever – who else could write a song about the beauty and justice in having a national health service? no-one, that’s who!

    MSP have been one of my fave bands ever since I first saw ’em play a pub in Leeds, about 100 years ago now – Mrs 1537 and I still go and see any non-stadium shows of theirs that we can get to, they’re our live band – seeing them in 1991 was one of our first dates. Man, I’m old!

    • I’d really rather not call you Mr Perverse Pants!

    • Looks like just the one gig on their tour calendar right now, but I’ll keep my eyes posted to see if they make it over to Canada. I’m keen to check out more MSP – this one really reminded me of a whole bunch of (fictional?) Canadian bands I listened to in High school

      • It’s a big 20th anniversary celebration of Everything Must Go.

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