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Goldfrapp – Felt Mountain (2000)

October 27, 2015

logoawesome autumn art by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

Autumn Colours Artist #1: Culture Club

Autumn Colours Artist #2: Pixies

Autumn Colours Artist #3: The Beatles

Autumn Colours Artist #4: Goldfrapp


[Album 431/1001]

Goldfrapp was new to me.220px-Feltmountain

Though it didn’t always feel that way when listening to Felt Mountain.

At any given time I was reminded of several different singers & sounds but it never sounded entirely derivative.

The album art is an appropriate indication of the sound contents, a mix of beauty and eeriness.

And as my attempt to allow art to approximate the sound contents, a visual description of the Felt Mountain mix:


If you like those ingredients in those proportions (as I do), this recipe may be worth bookmarking.

Maybe not for the weekly meal rotation, but still worthy of a corner fold.

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  1. Don’t forget the odd dash of glam rock.

  2. Artwork AND recipes! Is there anything this blog CAN’T do?

  3. Man, I was deep into all that Portishead/Massive Attack/Morcheeba/Bjork thing. I was just raving about St. Germain too, not long ago. How did I miss these people? Sounds right up my alley!

    • It’s got a good vibe – and not to worry, I think 15 years late to discovering an album is still considered fashionably late!

  4. I love Goldfrapp and still carry a serious crush for Alison Goldfrapp around with me!

  5. Y’know, I’m real pleased this is in the 1001. A cracking album.

    • And I’m pleased too, otherwise I likely wouldn’t have encountered it – for all its flaws & omissions, I’m glad the 1001 list has steered me to this sort of thing!

      • Yeah – really tempted to pick one of the books up. I can imagine that there are just as many nice discoveries as omissions, eh?

      • That’s probably about the balance, yes!

  6. I like the recipe with visuals!

    • I tend to like recipe books with visuals, thanks Danica!

      • Ever since I accidentally saw footage of Julia Child in action it’s something I’ve enjoyed. You do the genre proud!

      • We call that food porn. Same as those screens behind the counters at Timmy’s. Food porn.

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