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Back to the Future Day (part 3)

October 25, 2015



Well, now that the future is in the past, two final questions I’ve been pondering:

1. Will there ever be another series like Back to the Future?

I remember my sister making a great point when asked a similar question at the conclusion of the Harry Potter series.

I’m paraphrasing several years later of course, being less articulate & less accurate than she was at the time, but it was something like this:

Has there been a stronger series?  Sure.  Will there be better series?  Likely.  But will there be another series with the same magic & anticipation between volumes?

You could probably have the same (monologue?) conversation for the BTTF films, with an equally rhetorical 3rd question.


2.Do I ever get the feeling we’re living in Biff’s alternate/hellish timeline?

For those who don’t remember BTTF part 2, a twitter-friendly, 122-character recap:

alternate 1985

Biff steals time machine, gives his 1955 self a sports book from future, alternate timeline created with Millionaire Biff.

A student asked me this brilliant question earlier this week.  I laughed and said, sometimes.

A quick google search of “Biff Tannen Donald Trump” makes it look like we could be heading down that path next year!

But for now, we’re living in a 2015 where the BTTF trilogy is still celebrated by young & old.

A 2015 where BTTF screenings were packed with lifelong fans, including fans who’d seen the movies dozens of times but never on the big screen.

A 2015 where my Hallowe’en costume will be Marty McFly and my wonderful wife fully supports this choice.

We may be living in an imperfect 2015 but great Scott, life is good.

What will the future hold?

I’ll leave the last word on BTTF to The Doc.  Thanks for coming along on this journey!

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  1. On ya Geoff. You’ve clearly had a ball with this anniversary. Enjoy your Hallowe’en.

  2. I think there will be a series as good some day – maybe not one that resonates with us so much, but I reckon it’s a generational thing.

  3. Just realized Geoff. You’re missing one chapter of the BTTF saga. The part where Doc somehow ends up in Old Stump in 1885, and runs into a sheep farmer named Albert Stark. Stark sees the Delorean potentially destroying the timeline!

    • Wait a second…how did Doc Brown get the Delorian? This doesn’t make any sense! He should not have the Delorian untl Marty shows up in Hill Valley in 1885. GREAT SCOTT!

    • it’s a weather experiment!

      • Now here is a question for you Geoff — where did Marty get the idea in III for the his hidden stove door armor?

      • Clint Eastwood, A fistfull of dollars – a movie very high on my to see list!

      • You are pretty good, Calvin Klein!

        Yeah that trilogy is also excellent though certainly no comparison to BTTF. I have both trilogies…Eastwood is my favourite western star.

      • I hadn’t realized it was part of a trilogy, now I’ve got 2 more on the to-see list!
        And to bring it full circle, always enjoyed Buford Tannen’s reaction to the name Clint Eastwood!

      • I KNOW! Love it.

        Yes there are three films in the “Man With No Name” trilogy. A Fistful of Dollars, A Few Dollars More, and The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

        Of those three, in my opinion the final film is the masterpiece. It’s an epic and I’d include in any list of greatest films of all time.

      • I definitely know that title but haven’t seen it yet. Key word yet of course – I just heard the coffeemaker ding here, enjoy your morning ‘fee Mike!

  4. I’m an obsessive person about many things, so all I can do is give you HUGE props for being a super fan! I love it! And nice to hear your wife enjoys seeing the movies, too, and watching you dress up like Marty McFly 😉

  5. jprobichaud permalink

    Great series Geoff!

  6. Great stuff, Geoff. This, Star Wars (I don’t count the prequilogy), and Eastwood’s Man With No Name trilogy are my favourite trilogies. All very special to me for various reasons.

    … I expect there’ll be a BTTF Halloween special, yes?

  7. Great fun read! DOUBLEBACK by ZZTop is one of my favs …

    • one of the great musical cameos, love the guitar spin!

    • Just got back from seeing Part III in the theatre this afternoon/evening Deke, ZZ Top did a fine job throughout the town dance scene!

      • Ha..awesome and more awesome you saw it the old school way as well! ie….Theatre….
        Just love DOUBLEBACK ! That’s gonna be the tune on the way into work tomorrow….,

      • Those fiddles are great in the tune, an excellent choice of soundtrack for the work commute!

  8. 1. Star Wars (going forward)?

    2. Yes.

    Great post as always! Glad you’ve enjoyed geeking out over this childhood classic. Give ‘er!

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