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Back to the Future Day (part 2)

October 22, 2015

What a day!

Top 5 highlights from my Wednesday, October 21, 2015:

5. Seeing my friend Shalane’s superb sign featured prominently at the Blue Jays game.



4. Hearing the power laces dream has become real & seeing one of my heroes wearing them!


3. Being paid to teach french grammar through my “Retour vers le Futur II” activity.



2. Going on a date with my wonderful wife to see BTTF I & II on the big screen, Part III screening to follow on Sunday.



1. Connecting with family, old friends, and former students who knew how much the day meant to me.  Phone calls, emails & messages, it felt like it was my birthday!

(to be concluded)


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  1. Aww. Glad you had such a fun day! 🙂

  2. Wonderful.
    Reckon we can create a Bladerunner Day? (Preferably without too much violence)

    • I don’t see why not!
      I remember hearing a tech expert being interviewed saying that whenever a new technology came out, it was important to see how much more impressive blade runner looked on the new medium!

  3. You know Geoff, the funny thing is this. Thinking back to the movies…was Part II any good? I am trying to remember the plot…something about an almanac and Bif killed George?

    • I loved the 2nd one but I know some found it frustrating (as it doesn’t work as a standalone film, more of a link between 1 & 3).
      I thought it was really clever how they explained the alternate timeline that Biff created by stealing the time machine.
      So yes, not for all tastes, but BTTF enjoys pretty much critical immunity from me!

      • My favourite thing about Part II: Joe Flaherty! I love that guy.

        So Geoff would you say the best way to enjoy Part II is via a marathon or at least watching all three fairly close together?

      • I would say that yes!
        It may be worth looking at the cineplex listings in your neck of the woods – Kingston’s having a marathon screening tomorrow!

      • and cheers to Joe Flaherty – my dad and I still quote that, I’ve got something for you…..a letter!

  4. HAHAH! This is really cool! I have a friend who went to Universal Studios and got to walk around and see where the clock tower part was taped. Looked neat!

    • I’d love to see the Hill Valley Clock Tower – Universal Studios has just been added to the ‘to see’ list, thanks Angie!

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