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Back to the Future Day (part 1)

October 21, 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A date I’ve been eagerly anticipating for decades.

Later today, of course, Marty McFly will participate in a hoverboard chase for the ages.

And I’ll be there, watching it on the big screen.


Words cannot express how much this trilogy has meant to me.

Though not only for its entertainment value; as Marty said when leaving 1955, it’s been educational.

After watching the life consequences Marty experienced after he took the bait of being called “chicken” (or “yellah” in Part III), I learned to walk away.

Thanks to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, I learned how to play a Blues Riff in B (and still inevitably drift into his Johnny B Goode soloing when playing any kind of Blues/Rock tune).

I also enhanced my physics knowledge, having learned the approximate energy generated by a bolt of lightning, 1.21 Gigawatts!

And so much more.

To continue the educational journey, this afternoon, I simply had to transform the legendary Back to the Future II hoverboard scene into a French lesson:



So yes, a very happy Back to the Future day, Joyeux jour de Retour vers le Futur!

(to be continued)


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  1. What an epic day to celebrate all you’ve learned;) and to go hang out at the 80s cafe.

  2. Happy Back to the Future day, Geoff!

  3. Haha awesome. I sent this news around this morning, but I should have waited. Your post already had it covered!

  4. The anniversary story, with resident University Professor commentating on the technology – what they got and what was missing – was on the evening news in Melbourne!

    • Brilliant – they may have overestimated the lifespan of the fax machine but anticipated a bunch of other things correctly!

  5. The main question being, where is my Mr. Fusion powered flying car?

  6. BTTF means a lot to me too, especially the 2nd one, as I watched it so many times (every time I went to Nanna’s house I’d watch either BTTF2 or Land Before Time – she didn’t have many tapes). I was quite excited to finally be seeing October 21 2015 for myself. And I also set a bunch of BTTF themed questions for my Physics class!

    • Awesome – that’s a physics class I’d be keen to take!
      THe Land Before Time, among the saddest films I’ve seen – I think it would still get to me decades later!

  7. It has come…and it has done. Every Back to the Future movie now takes place in the past.

    Well, gotta go stream Jaws 19 on demand, have a good future!

  8. Great post! All this Back to the Future love has been epic. 🙂

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