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#top15onthe15th — Tomorrow!

September 14, 2015


“The waiting is the hardest part”
– Tom Petty

And the wait is almost over…tomorrow (September 15th, 2015) is finally Top 15 day!

If you’ve made a list of your Top 15 albums, great!  Excited to see it tomorrow.

If you haven’t yet, there’s still time!

If writing lists aren’t your bag, feel free to join in the conversations anyways!

Until tomorrow, an amuse bouche: my Top 5 ‘tomorrow’ songs.



5. New Order, Regret
No tomorrow in the title but the outro “just wait ’til tomorrow” would be among my Top 5 low-key outros.


4. The Tragically Hip, Wheat Kings
Ditto the hip’s “Oh and that’s what tomorrow brings.”


3. Silverchair, Tomorrow
Amazing that they released this at age 15.


2. Morrissey, Tomorrow
Exceptional closer to (Top 15-material?) Your Arsenal.


1. The Beatles, Tomorrow Never Knows
I think my list is finalized – but I have no idea what will appear on Top 15 lists in the rest of the blogosphere tomorrow!

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    Great tunes here but where’s Annie’s “The sun will come out tomorrow…”?

  2. I haaaaaate Silverchair.

    I tried to make a Top 15 on the 15th video for everybody but it sucked and after two takes I gave up.

    • Say what now? Silverchair? No way man … Silverchair rock!*

      Complaint #8: why you hate on Silverchair?

      (* did a bit when I saw them back in the late 90s)

      • I dunno…maybe hate was too harsh. There aren’t too many bands from the 90’s that I like.

      • I remember enjoying their first two albums. Admittedly not so much now. Lyrically they’re a tad mnah, but musically some of it really does still sound pretty good. Reckon you’d dig some of it. Or my name isn’t Jack 😉

      • Frogstomp = hells yes. After that? Mehhhh…

      • Mike would like Frogstomp, eh?

      • You know what, I have no idea. Maybe? Maybe not?

      • Maybe some of it.


      • I don’t actually have any silverchair albums so I’m only well versed with the singles.
        But what I’ve heard, I liked. I can see how people would think of it as Pearl Jam/Nirvana lite – but they were 15, that we’re still talking about them as having been relevant (not like most typical teen pop acts) says something!

      • Pearl Jam lite? Haha what? Maybe the later stuff. Listen to Israel’s Son (and the lyrics). Play it loud. Lite nothing.

      • Great rumbling bassline!

      • Did you play it all the way through? I love the freak out at the end.

      • I Am, I Am – That’s how to end a track!

      • Yup. Completely agree with that, Geoff. They were mighty young. I don’t think they kicked on quite as they could have, but I still give those first two albums a spin every now and again.

      • Just had pure massacre on last night, another powerful track!

      • Yeah, that album is definitely a goody. I’ll need to revisit it again soon …

    • It’s the thought that counts!

  3. I am still working on my list, right up to the 11th hour, surely.


  4. First track I thought of when I read “top 5 ‘tomorrow’ songs”!

  5. Looking forward to seeing what’s made the lists!

  6. Arrgghhh!! Morrissey!!! Take it away, it burns!!! Arrrrggghhh!!

  7. ianbalentine permalink

    Locked and loaded, sir!

    I’d like to know who else has committed that I am not aware of. WIll you be posting a list of the list makers?

  8. ianbalentine permalink

    Thanks, Mike!

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