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Neneh Cherry – Raw Like Sushi (1989)

September 11, 2015

(Lovely Logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming)


Songstress #1: Loretta Lynn

Songstress #2: Neneh Cherry

[Album 422/1001]

“And remember I like it raw.”220px-Neneh_Cherry_Raw_Like_Sushi_cover
– Ya Kid K & Technotronic, Move This

“Daddy, we had sushi twice when we went to Toronto!
– My daughter


I was late to the sushi party.

When it came to fish, I didn’t think I would like it raw.

Decades later, I’m older and somewhat wiser, and raw or not, I’m now a sushi liker.


As for Raw Like Sushi?

I like this album like I like Ya Kid K, not quite like I love my own kid H.

Similar to Technotronic’s vocalist, Neneh can rap & sing with equal effectiveness.

The album is of its time but is still an even & enjoyable listen.

It was probably edgier in 1989 than it sounds in 2015, whether that’s considered progress for music nowadays I’m not sure.

But I’m certain that much like I feel about sushi these days, I’m a fan.

I just may not choose to consume it all that often.

From → 1980s

  1. I had this on cassette, but I got it more for Buffalo Stance than for the rest of it. But, yeah, not a bad album at all.

  2. Mmmmmm sushi FTW!

    I never paid any attention to this person or her record, and here she is in my inbox in 2015!

    Also: Walkman = awesome. Mine is right here on my desk, ready to go at all times. 🙂

    • I knew her from MuchMusic and the video dance parties. It had a funky beat. Watching the video of it now…wow! Blinded!

    • That is to say, I was watching Buffalo Stance

      • Unlikely I’ll do that, but thanks! Sorry Neneh. I don’t want to see you stand like a buffalo.

      • Just called up the video, Those are some blinding accessories indeed!

      • I’m not gonna watch it, but I gotta know – does a herd of Nenehs get chased off a cliff by native men?

      • It’s possible, I didn’t make it all the way through the video!

      • HA, no. Buffalo Stance is basically standing with your arms crossed over the chest – with attitude! No buffalos were harmed in the making of Buffalo Stance.

      • I was wondering what the stance was, had a feeling there would be some ‘tude involved!

      • Hm. Somehow I find this a bit of a letdown.

      • BTW, no one asked you to watch any video, that’s you choice, but I have to say you are missing out on some pretty psychadelic 89 dance music!

      • Haha I know I can watch if I wanna (I won’t, but hey!) but it is so very rare that I ever want pretty psychedelic 89 dance music. I mean, it just never comes up, of a day… 🙂

      • Damn, I guess we’ll never know. My vote is yes, it happened.

    • On Call, Right where it should be!

  3. I think Mr Big released Raw Live Like Sushi if I recall correctly! Enjoying your series Geoff!

  4. By the way Sarca great job on artwork here…

  5. Don’t know this one at all – only know that one song thanks to the video (Buffalo Stance, it would appear).

  6. To quote Peter Griffin, “I am not a fan.”

    • I had to Google Peter Griffin to learn who that was.

      • That’s a line from the best episode ever. Blue Harvest — the episode in which they do all of Star Wars. At the end Peter and Chris get into an argument over who did it better : Family Guy or Robot Chicken? The in-joke is that Chris is voiced by Seth Green, the guy behind Robot Chicken.

        Both are great though, be sure to check if your library has Family Guy – Blue Harvest.

      • I have the Robot Chicken one… I howl every time when you get that voice mail message from Greedo’s Mom… oh man, it’s so dark, but it’s hilarious!

      • I know the one!! Oh that kills me too. I also like the guy who gets his arm chopped off by Obi.

      • Our library has no Family Guy at all. 😦

      • I’ll review it. I have a box set with T-shirt and everything.

      • I tried the tubes of you but they only have clips.

        But they did have this:

      • I’ve never seen this before!!! Thank you!!!

        The actual episode is very much like this in style.

      • I showed you a Family Guy you hadn’t seen? About Star Warsa? A Winner is me!

        I… I’d like to thank the Academy…

      • I can’t believe it!!!!

      • It’s OK, I won’t get used to it. Beginner’s luck!

      • “You beginner luck” – Mr. Miyagi

      • Haha I like the scene in the Chan/Smith redo of Karate Kid, where Chan catches the fly, then just keeps eating with the same chopsticks. Haha awesome.

      • I’ve never seen, any good?

        Have you seen this? Maybe you sent it to me for all I remember!

      • I HAVE seen that! Haha awesome. I don’t think I was the one who sent it to you? But it’s not impossible.

      • All I know is that I will never be able to look at that movie the same again!

      • I really liked the updated Karate Kid. I have no idea if that’s an unpopular opinion or not, and I don’t really care. I’m a sucker for this stuff anyway. But yeah, there are worse ways to spend an evening. If its on Netflix, give it a try!

      • OK I will! I was looking for something to watch this weekend anyway.

      • GIVE ‘ER!

      • “I’m sorry for hijacking your article, Geoff.” – LeBrain

        “I’m sorry I ruined your Black Panther party.” – Forrest Gump

      • Haha I’m not sorry! Nope no way! We’re driving up his comment numbers! Come on everybody! Pile on! 🙂

      • But keep your pants on, everybody. It’s a family site.

      • Pants? Wait, what? Am I supposed to be wearing pants right now? BECAUSE I’M NOT!

      • No apologies needed – I opened wordpress this evening and saw I’d missed a bunch, fun!

      • And I’m not sure if wordpress gives little trophies for “most comments” but this may be a trophy winning day, nice!

    • I can picture him saying it but I can’t place the episode!

  7. I like this album, definitely no sushi for me though please.

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