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So I Married an Axe Murderer Soundtrack – Various Artists (1993)

August 26, 2015

Summer Soundtrack Week

Day One: Superfly

Day Two: So I Married an Axe Murderer


Track by track time!

1. Boo Radleys, There She Goes220px-Axemurderersoundtrack
Surely one of the stronger opening title sequences of the 1990s, following the journey of a cappuccino from the dishwasher to the end customer.  Disappointingly, the song video cut out before the “large cappuccino” line.  So here’s the song and the line, in two installments!  Love the James Hetfield-esque “There she goes-AHH” in this cover.

2. Toad the Wet Sprocket, Brother
I’ve always enjoyed their songs: Crowded House-y, pleasant without feeling generic.  Brother‘s no exception.

3. Soul Asylum, The Break
If you took the best songs from Grave Dancers Union (1992) & Let Your Dim Light Shine (1995), and added The Break to the running order, that would be a great record.

4. Chris Whitley, Starve to Death
Disrupts the album flow a bit.

5. Big Audio Dynamite II, Rush.
Feels like a textbook montage track, I think that’s how it was used in the film.



6. Mike Myers, This Poem Sucks
Fun spoken verse worthy of an embedded video!

7. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Saturday Night
Might be my favourite Saturday night-themed song, another solid cover.

8. The Darling Buds, Long Day in the Universe
The (comparable in sound and quality) Dumb & Dumber soundtrack didn’t meet my stringent summer release date requirement.  This Darling Buds song feels like it would fit nicely there too, one of those mid-tempo tracks that I quite like by an artist whom I haven’t heard elsewhere.

9. The Spin Doctors, Two Princes
Might have been on most 1990s soundtracks!  The song may have suffered from overexposure but it still puts me in a good mood.

10. Suede, My Insatiable One
My introduction to Suede, thank you So I Married an Axe Murderer for the introduction!

11. Sun-60s, Maybe Baby
One of those songs that works well in movies, not particularly intrusive nor memorable.

12. The La’s, There She Goes
The simple lead pattern remains irresistible 25 years after its initial release.


Overall, more consistent from start-to-finish than its front-loaded (but what a first 45 minutes or so) movie affiliate.

The movie might be a 3.5 out of 5 in my books.

I’ll round the soundtrack up to the nearest whole number and award it:



4 out of a possible 5 Heeds!

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  1. “Heed! Pants! NOW!” Hahaha classic movie, cool soundtrack. I still use the “hard-hearted harbinger of haggis” line. Amazing how often it fits!

    I’m surprised this made the list, though. I thought it was “compilations featuring multiple artists (e.g. most movie soundtracks)” were not eligible for the 1001?

    • Great alliteration in that line- Aaron I’m impressed you’ve found a way to use it in actual life situations!
      You’re right, it’s not actually on the 1001 list – it’s one of the ones I’m throwing in to turn it into a week-long event!

      • Man, doesn’t haggis come up in the conversation on a daily basis for you, too? Hm.

        Ah I see! Not a 1001 album, that’s cool you included it. I’m enjoying Soundtrack week so far! This was a great flick too. Oh man.

      • Well at least it doesn’t come up as often as it should – thanks for the positive feedback on the week thus far, much appreciated. I’ve enjoyed reading when you guys had done theme weeks, thought I’d join the fun1

      • Theme weeks are awesome! But don’t forget, your whole site is a theme! 🙂

        This was another fave scene, for me…

      • We have a piper down!

  2. You have such excellent taste. I LOVE this movie. I think the reason I first watched it back when I was 14 was simply because it had a Toad the Wet Sprocket song on the soundtrack. His brother’s head….yeah. Too funny.


    Great post.

    • Ralph – forgot about Mike Myers’s eyes when she yells the name!
      Thanks so much sourgirl, it’s funny how songs can lead us to movies.
      There’s a movie from the mid 90s called Bonjour Timothy, where The Tragically Hip were featured on the soundtrack & name-dropped in the film. Might never have seen the movie otherwise but it was fun!

  3. Love that Spin Doctors record Pocketful of Kryptonite….man that snare pop at the beginning of Two Princes is gold….dug this review …..well done

    • Yes! Thank you for bringing up the snare Deke, I was thinking about how it has such a distinctive pop to it when I was listening to it earlier today. It didn’t end up making it into my post but I’m glad you brought it into the comments, such an instantly identifiable intro!

      • Spin Docs had a real cool sound in the early 90s as they were the only ones doing that kind of rock….good jam band ..What Time is it? 4:30! Ha!

      • I agree Deke, and if I can modify one of their other hits to show my agreement, Little Deke, Little Deke, Little Deke Can’t be wrong!

      • Hahahaha…..well played!

      • Haha I always thought that band should’ve said “What time is it? 4:20!” not 4:30.

        And careful with that alteration of the lyrics, it might go to the ol’ Dekester’s head! 🙂

  4. Geoff, I like that you’re going off-road with this one. Another movie on my to-see list 🙂

    • And Danica I like that you described reviewing a CD not included on the list as going “off-road” – it makes it feel quite adventurous!

  5. jprobichaud permalink

    Ach. Now yee’ve done it. He’s gonna cry heemself to sleep on ‘is huge pilla!

    This is one of my all-time favourite soundtracks! Ned’s doing the Bay City Rollers and Boo Radleys doing The La’s. And the Suede track? Sublime.

    • Yes to all of the above JP!

      Were you ever part of BMG or Columbia house back in the 90s? I remember getting sent the ‘nowhere’ soundtrack when I forgot to send the form back saying I didn’t want the selection of the month.
      Between Suede’s tune “trash” there & “my insatiable one” here, I quickly became a Suede fan!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        I did a tour of duty with both of those clubs back in the day. I’m not sure I remember the film “Nowhere” but “Trash” is an excellent tune that also appears on their third album, “Coming up”.

  6. I’ve always been critical of popular 90’s music on my blog but I admit there are a lot, a lot, a lot of good songs and good memories on this CD. YOu nailed it in your rating I think.

    I always felt bad for Heed with that big huge Art Garfunkel hair!

    Good solid summer soundtrack. I can’t remember where I saw this but it was me and my buddy Peter. I remember being very impressed. “Mike Myers has gone beyond the Wayne character now,” is what I said.

    • Poor heed!
      That was probably a big step for Myers too, getting laughs outside of snl and Wayne.
      I would say he pulled it off here and in the first 2 Austin powers movies!

      • Me too. Now I have to admit I’d love to see a Wayne’s World movie about what these two guys are doing in their 40’s.

      • I’d support that!
        Still haven’t seen dumb & dumber too, but I liked the idea of checking in on Harry and Lloyd to see what they’d been up to for 20 years

      • I watched a bit of D&D To yesterday. It wasn’t grabbing my attention this time. I will say this — Billy in 4-C is still there and he still loves his birds.

      • I hear Cam Neely may reprise his SeaBass role too!

      • Oh, he might, he might. You might also finally meet Fraeda Feltcher and a new cast of villains.

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