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Lucky 7 (+1)

August 16, 2015

“Well, I’m a lucky man.”
– The Verve, Lucky Man


My wonderful wife & I played the Lotto Max on Friday.

We picked 7 numbers, purchased our ticket for $5, and…wait for it…didn’t get a single number correct, not even the 1 bonus number!

That’s 0 for 7 (or I suppose 0 for 8), not so lucky in lotteries.


My girls went to Ottawa for the weekend.

So naturally, I spent the day record shopping.

And I had much better luck today, 7 records + 1 bonus CD, all from the 1001 list, for a grand total of $25!

Just for fun, can you guess all 7 + 1 titles in the photo (apologies for the horrendous photo quality)?

Please write your score [/8] in the comments below.  Half mark for artist, another half for album name.  I’ll post the answers in a few days.

Bonne chance!



Though it was fun to have a day to myself today, I’m excited for the girls to come home tomorrow.

I’m definitely lucky to have a pair of cute daughters & to have been married to my cute wife for 7 + 1 = 8 years!


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  1. Love that song by The Verve! Better luck next time 🙂 (With a nod to the Scissor Sisters). I can identify 0. I’m on my phone though so I’ll try again from a proper screen.

    • Great tune, love the guitar licks especially!
      Not to worry, so far 0 / 8 sounds like my lottery score!

  2. You are a lucky man. Cheap music and your family coming home:)

  3. Well, the improved screen didn’t help me. I’m still at 0. I may have to do some wildly creative guessing soon!

  4. I think I can see a little Leonard Cohen in there (Songs from a Room?) and maybe Neil Young’s On the Beach?

    Maybe that’s 2/8.

  5. If it makes you feel any better…I purchased a dud lotto max ticket myself….it’s always good to have “me ” time but it’s also very good to have family time as well… Ya got some vinyl!

    • We’ll get that lottery next time Deke! I’m a big believer in doing things as a family, as a couple, and individually. So yesterday I had the me time, today will be family, sounds like a date night is in order soon!

      • I here Ya life can get real busy….sometimes you just have to take a step back….and when I do I usually trip! Ha!

  6. Geez man I know the perm dude is Tears…..Cohen is another…that’s all I got! Is Kick Axe in there? Ha!

  7. Bad luck on the numbers game, but a good music score by the looks of it. I can identify two – On the Beach and Songs from a Room.

  8. Wow, look at you and all the math!
    I guess if just your daughters went to Ottawa, you didn’t get to peruse Vertigo?

  9. The answers!
    Tears For Fears – Songs from the Big Chair
    Leonard Cohen – Songs from a room
    Youngbloods – Elephant Mountain
    Marianne Faithful – Broken English
    Black Sabbath – Vol. 4
    Neil Young – On the Beach
    Chicago – Chicago Transit Authority
    Style Council – My ever changing moods

    Congrats to Jordan for the winning 3/8 score!

    • Wow, GREAT scores! I got the same 3 as Jordan did.

      Shame Leonard and TFF didn’t get together and do a remix called Songs From The Big Chair In A Room. Haha oh man I think the thought of that just broke my brain…

  10. You are indeed a lucky man, btw. GIVE ‘ER!

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