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Frank Sinatra & Antônio Carlos Jobim – Francis Albert Sinatra & Antônio Carlos Jobim (1967)

August 10, 2015

[Album 414/1001]Francisandantonio

Decisions, decisions.

What to call Francis Albert Sinatra.

The Voice.

Ol’ Blue Eyes.

The Sultan of Swoon.

Chairman of the Board.

Obviously I’ll choose the last one, what a spectacular nickname!


This is the Chairman’s third of a trio of albums on the 1001 list.

He had the book’s first album and my sixth review, In the Wee Small Hours.

226 posts later, I looked at his irresistible follow-up, Songs for Swingin’ Lovers!

In terms of emotions, energy, and my personal enjoyment, this record slides (or rather, bossa novas) between the lonely former and jubilant latter.

Sinatra & Jobim pair nicely; the arrangements are suitable, if not sensational.

Efficiently recorded, it’s short & sweet, 28 minutes and 5 seconds well spent.

Nice to see Sinatra’s range too as these 3 records could hardly be considered the sound of an artist treading water.


Considering the mood swings found among these albums, the question is, which of these Sinatra albums are you currently in the mood for?

Or are you happy to let Frankie do it his way and listen to something else from the 1001 list?

Decisions, decisions.

To assist you with such a pivotal decision, I’ve prepared a decision tree.

Hope it helps!

Frank Sinatra


From → 1960s

  1. The flow chart was very useful, I can now safely say I don’t want to hear the “Sultan of Swoon”! But do you have a flow chart to help me decide which of the other 997 I want to listen to? (If it helps, the answer is: Venom. Always Venom.)

    • I omitted ‘swoonatra’ as a nickname – it’s worth typing in ‘sinatra nicknames’ to google, a formatted list pops up, before any of the recommended websites!

      Darn it, just looked up Black Metal, it was released in November – I foolishly made a self-imposed restriction of only doing summer releases this month.

      I’m excited to check it out though, I think I’d like to do it with a couple others from ’82 (Duran Duran, Grandmaster Flash) to show the wide spectrum of sounds that the list covers!

      • Swoonatra! That’s the best one.

        And I can’t believe you’re going to perpetuate the Venom/Duran Duran association that has haunted both bands since their inception! It seems like people just can’t mention one without bringing up the other…

      • Genuinely laughed out loud!
        My apologies for joining the critics HMO – that ’84 Cry wolf/hungry like the wolf copyright infringement lawsuit really got nasty, didn’t it?

      • It did. And even before then, it rankled with the Durannies that Venom used the couplet “Teacher’s pet, Teacher’s wet” before they could. Simon Le Bon has been holding a grudge about that forever!

      • Let it go Simon, let it go!

      • November is late Spring where I come from, if that helps.

  2. Great post, Geoff. Don’t own this one (yet), but I’m inclined to throw it up the list a few places now. Hurrah for swoonatra!

    • Swoonatra’s worth a listen!
      I remember you checked out wee small hours recently – this has a very different feel, which is nice that it doesn’t feel like same old same ol’ blue eyes

      • The range is one of the great things about Sinatra (and one I don’t think he often gets credit for). You should check out Watertown and, for a real treat, Sinatra at the Sands. I picked up the latter recently and it was just perfect. Quite the set and a bunch of great performances.

      • I’ve definitely heard the criticism that Sinatra does a similar schtick every time, it’s the band that’s worth hearing.
        While I agree his backup band (especially on the 50s ones I heard) is first class, he doesn’t sound like he’s on autopilot though!

  3. The flowchart idea is fantastic. Hope to see further editions.

    • Thanks Bruce – I try to include visuals whenever I can, nice to hear they’re appreciated!

      • You bet. As well as it being a neat idea, I really like anything that attempts to unravel the choice-making around our music loves (and , er, not-loves).

      • And I’d find most Sinatra falls somewhere in between for me – I probably don’t love it as much as some but the Sultan of Swoon wouldn’t be classified as a not-love either!

  4. ianbalentine permalink

    I’ll take any Sinatra, whenever and wherever I hear it, but I’m partial to “Live At The Sands” if pressed for a favorite. But as far as these three, I’d say In The Wee Small Hours takes it by a nose!

    • That’s 2 recommendations for Sands thus far Ian – sounds like it will be my next Sinatra spin!

  5. Swoonatra! I’m partial to Ol’ Blue Eyes. Very nice decision tree, very helpful.

  6. I think (if I’d met him) I would have called him Sir.

    Cool decision chart. We like charts! As for which I would choose? I would say “play all the Sinatra!” Pretty simple choice, really. 🙂

    I say it every time this guy comes up… once I start listening to Sinatra, he’s all I listen to for about a week. Always happens. So now I have the insight enough to know that if I’m gonna hit play on that guy, I’m gonna have to get him out of my system for days on end. 🙂

    • That self-awareness is key – apologies (or you’re welcome!) if this post has sent you into a week-long Sinatra binge!

  7. Loving the chart. I’ve got two reviews coming with Excel charts — inspired by you good sir. If it didn’t add to my workload I’d put an Excel chart on every review, I’m loving it! Well done.

    • Many thanks Mike – and I’m excited for these chart-filled reviews on the horizon!

      • Check ’em out next week, and I eagerly look forward to you keeping them coming too!

  8. Sinatra is deservedly king of your post and your chart, but props go to Antonio Carlos, also well worth exploring.

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