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Bob Marley & The Wailers – Natty Dread (1974)

August 1, 2015

[Album 410/1001]220px-BobMarley&theWailersNattyDread

Question at a recent trivia night I attended in Kingston: What is the name of the Tom Petty song commonly referred to as Roll Another Joint?

My Answer: You Don’t Know How it Feels (due to the line, “let’s get to the point let’s roll another joint.”

Trivia Venue Answer: Mary Jane’s Last Dance (ostensibly due to the cannabis reference in the song title)


Fortunately, our team won the round anyways, but I was torn.

Do I become ‘that guy’ and say something to the host?  If I don’t, what will happen if people leave the venue with this misinformation left un-corrected??

Sensing any sentence I speak that starts with “actually, it’s called…” would be less than warmly received, I elected to take off my insufferable know-it-all hat for one evening and do nothing.

I suppose you can’t spell trivial without its first six letters.


Part of what stopped me from behaving as a ‘know-it-all’?

1. A core belief that if someone behaves like they know-it-all, they’re proving how much they really, really don’t know!

2. I really, really don’t know it all, as evidenced by two of my long-held Bob Marley misconceptions.

a. In Green Jelly’s 3 Little Pigs video (at 2:10), for the last 22 years I thought the lyric was “then one day he was cranking UP a Marley…”  As the pig is shown passing a joint, I figured ‘Bob Marley’ was another synonym for ‘Marijuana cigarette.’

Turns out, the lyric is “cranking OUT Bob Marley.”

b. I definitely didn’t always believe this but after Natty Dread, I now agree with the masses: cranking OUT Bob Marley is exactly what ought to be done.


My thanks to 1537 for his recent, wonderful Natty Dread post: his enthusiasm for the record (and simultaneous disdain for using the terms reggae, Marley, and dope-smoking interchangeably) encouraged me to give this a chance.

Once again, I endeavored to put together a track-by-track analytic post but this won’t be the time or the place.  Natty Dread just doesn’t feel like an album to type along with.

It does however feel like one that worked exceptionally well in the car, driving with the windows down on hot summer days.

It’s a proper start-t0-finish album and Them Belly Full might be 1974’s finest track.

More importantly, it’s great to have some misinformation corrected: I’ve learned there’s much more to the man and his music than the dorm room posters & weed euphemisms.

Nothing quite that trivial about Natty Dread at least.

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  1. I agreed with your trivia answer. brings up a point I am torn with. What is the best way to correct a fellow blogger that makes a musical mistake?
    Type the correct info in the comments, leave it alone, etc.
    I do not want to offend anyone and appear like a know it all, but like you I don’t want misinformation out there.
    I have done a few, but everytime I am torn for a minute to contrmplate the best response before I hit send.

    Whatever you do, don’t Bogart that album. 🙂

    • Excellent etiquette question – I remember someone once suggested a correction to me, they did it very gently (no “you eediot!” or any such name-calling) and I wasn’t offended.

      So if I make an error boppinsblog, feel free to politely suggest a correction!

      But I hear you, not sure if everyone feels that way.

  2. Right. Definitely need to get to know this one …

  3. It’s ok to make mistakes and when there made I think I can honestly say it’s ok. A few weeks back I reveiwed Autographs Sign In Please but when I posted it. The title was Autograph /Autograph…Mikey corrected me and I was glad he did as like I told him I must have reread that post a million times Ober and not once did I pick up on it! Hahahaha….asleep,at the wheel I say! Ha! It’s all good.

    • Oh and I’m sure I’ve made a pile of mistakes – it’s funny with the proofreading, I guess it’s because we know what we were trying to say, we’ll miss errors, spelling/grammar etc.
      It’s all good indeed!

  4. Also sorry I’m rambling here folks but when i posted my Jeff Healey post I did not once use the term blind for him. I purposely stayed away from it as I don’t know how many reviews I have read over the years have stated that point about him. For me it was Let The Music Do The Talking… I had a clip of Carson introducimg Healey so I let the great late night King do the honors instead! Ha….great post as always Geoff

    • Agreed Deke about letting the music speak for itself – I try to steer clear of talking about celebrity spouses & their personal lives in my reviews too.
      Would have loved to see Healey live, he could really play!

  5. jprobichaud permalink

    Tough call on the corrections. On trivia night, I definitely would because it’s very important to get trivia right. Great post. I am the first to admit that I don’t know enough Marley, perhaps some day…

    • I was only familiar with (and not terribly fond of) the big hits before this. I see what the fuss is about now though!

      And ‘the corrections’ – I enjoyed that Jonathan Franzen book!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        Never read that one. It’s on the list though

  6. I have long loved reggae music, way before I even knew there was a drug connection! I remember watching MuchMusic with my mom one day and some Marley was on. I said something like, “This is really great music. How come you don’t hear stuff like this more often?” My mom said, “It’s possibly because of the association with drugs.” I had no idea…none. I didn’t know what “Sweet Leaf” from Sabbath was about. I used to tell people it was my favourite song. What did they think of me?

    Anyway long story short, you can absolutely enjoy the music without the smoke. It doesn’t matter one way or another — I don’t care if people smoke weed. Legalize it and get it over with and let’s move on to something else! Let the people have their medicine or their passtime.

    Anyway, I love me some Marley and maybe I should make a point of trying to review one while it’s still summer in Canada.

    • I’ll be curious to see if this one works as well in the winter – it was great summer listening. Hope you’re enjoying the civic holiday weekend Mike!

      • Thanks Geoff, you too! It works OK in the winter, but you have to be indoors, and warm, and able to imagine that outside it’s summer 🙂

  7. Marley is a man for all seasons–great albums, any time of year.

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