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The Dandy Warhols – The Dandy Warhols Come Down (1997)

July 21, 2015

[Album 406/1001]220px-The_Dandy_Warhols_Come_Down_cover

“Never have I wanted to like an album more, yet been so disappointed”
– Some journalist, from some paper, from some time in the late 90s.

Talk about a reliably sourced quote!

Although the details of author/paper/year escape me, I have a clear memory of reading that line in a review of Soul Asylum’s Candy From A Stranger.

It was such a powerful opening statement that the rest of the review likely went unread and the album certainly went unpurchased.


Even though it’s not a perfect fit, I’ll borrow the Soul Asylum line for my Dandy Warhols Come Down experience.

An imperfect fit in that I can’t say that I was completely desperate to adore the album, nor was I left entirely disappointed.

However, on paper, The Dandy Warhols seemed right up my street; alas, the actual listening experience didn’t keep pace with my lofty expectations.

I was expecting to like this so much that I was willing to pay top dollar for it.  Well, top dollar for me when it comes to 1001 albums, a $7 sticker price.  Well, I guess it was at a 40% off sale, so it only cost $4.20 ($7 x 60% cost remaining).  But still!

A couple of the stronger tracks, Be-In and Minnesoter, felt like tunes that Sloan & Neil Young might have done better earlier in the decade on Smeared & Mirror Ball respectively.

Finally, in the track, Cool as Kim Deal, there’s the line “I’d rather be cool than be loved.”

That’s likely the defining quote here.  It’s probably a ‘cool’ record; I just don’t love it.

Which, if that’s what they’d rather be, mission accomplished.

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    Not my favourite Dandys record. I much prefer Thirteen tales of urban Bohemia or Welcome to the monkey house. This one has a few good tunes though. I understand what you mean though, when you hear lots about a band and then are left underwhelmed (if that’s a word).

    • haha, well played sir!
      And I remember you saying you’d heard more than enough of that particular track on the edge back in the day so I appreciate you being able to overcome that in the interest of wordplay.
      Funny you mention underwhelmed too – I used the word “unpurchased” in the post, knowing that it wasn’t a word ’cause I looked it up, one of those skills that I learned in my school!
      Nice to hear the Dandys catalogue has more to offer

      • jprobichaud permalink

        Indeed. I knew you’d catch on to the game I was playing there.

  2. I can’t say I loved this album. They did have better songs.

    And now I will have “Not if You Were the Last Junkie on Earth” stuck in my head. Catchy but strange little tune.

  3. ianbalentine permalink

    Not very familiar with this band, kind of missed ’em during their heyday. Your great post had me thinking of my favorite beginning line of a record review. Actually, it was for Cornerstone by Styx and was only one line:”Abandon all hope ye who enter here.” At least that’s my remembrance.

    • laughed out loud at that styx line – a scathing review!
      Nice thought-provoking question about reviews Ian, I can’t think of other record ones off the top of my head but I remember a film review for a Jessica Simpson movie named ’employee of the month.’ It was something along the lines of “somehow this got made”

  4. ianbalentine permalink

    Or the 2-word review of a Spinal Tap’s Shark Sandwich album; I know I don’t have to remind any of your readers what that said.

  5. Yeah I’m curious if 13 Tales is on the agenda. I reckon it’s great. Never heard Come Down properly but I’d heard that it’s not as good. ‘Last Junkie’ and ‘Every Day Should Be A Holiday’ are pretty fab as stand-alone songs though.

    • Last junkie definitely has a catchy chorus exit line!

      • Also, the doco on The Dandies and Brian Jonestown massacre (Dig!) is brilliant. As much as I like 13 Tales, Dig! is prob the best thing they’ve been involved in.

  6. Nice write-up, Geoff. I don’t believe I’ve heard any Dandy Warhols but I like the album cover.

  7. Knowing nothing about this band other than their name (and let’s face it, if I’d wanted to hear it by now, I would have), I’m gonna file this one with My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless because of this line in your review: “It’s probably a ‘cool’ record; I just don’t love it.”

    • That’s probably a fair filing companion – Loveless is another one the critics seemed to be gaga for but didn’t change the world for me.

      • I have tried that record a few times, it never does anything for me. Fair enough!

  8. I used to have this one. Or still do. Must check that. But yeah, I think this was very much one of those albums I had really wanted to fall in love with. The look and feel was right, but it just came up short (Minnesoter’s my favourite track on here). Don’t think I heard anything else other than the track they used in the Vodafone ad.

    • That’s the only other song I know outside this album too!

      • Yeah – difficult to imagine that they had a few albums after this and I can’t think of any other songs. Did you ever see Dig? Man, that captured that whole thing perfectly.

  9. You’re a big meanie! I like at least half of this LP!

    • They call me captain negativity!
      That’s the trouble I found though, there was much to like but not nearly as much to love

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