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Chic – C’est Chic (1978)

July 18, 2015

[Album 405/1001]220px-C'est_Chic_cover

For this review, I wanted to do a track-by-track analysis (as many of you fine fellow bloggers do).

I also contemplated assigning star/some sort of alternate icon ratings, as I enjoy reading those elsewhere too.

And I’d have plenty of favourable things to say &/or icons to award to Chic.

But then on my third or fourth run-through of C’est Chic, this video happened and further words were rendered redundant.

C’est Chic: c’est le fun, pour toute la famille!



From → 1970s

  1. Cute, happy kid swaying to the groovy disco beat.


    • Haha, thanks boppinsblog, after seeing her dance in the high chair, I knew any star ratings from my end would be less than objective!

      • Maybe her generation will bring back the Disco resurgance.

      • Could I vote against that? With all my heart? I’ve been training my little girl in the ways of Iron Maiden…

      • And it’s good to start that maiden education early!

      • I meant any sort of disco revival, of course…

      • I tried soothing my daughter with Maiden, Priest, Dio, Sabbath, AC/DC, and Deep Purple. She grew into a teen that likes Wrong Direction, Stinky Fromage, and Hairy Arma Grande. Perhaps starting them young on disco will make them rebel into the rawk. πŸ™‚

      • Ahh the reverse psychology, worth a try!

      • By that logic I should be playing them Celine Dion and elevator music, in order that they grow up rebelling against it and choosing good music for themselves. But something deep inside me just can’t do it. I’d be on the verge of putting that shite in the player and at the last moment I’d say “sorry, Sweetie. Here, let’s play some Slayer…”

      • Sooooo. Just how much Celine Dion do you have??? It might be time for some album reviews. Speaking of being brave to listen to the album all the way through.
        Some rules though. No earplugs. Volume above 3 on the dial. Entire album. No breaks. No alcohol. No regurgitation of any kind. No use of phone, internet, television or any other distractions other than to listen to “Canada’s greatest export”.

      • I’ll be interested to hear how the great Celine Dion endurance experiment works out!

      • I was about to tell you that in no way, no how do I have ANY Celine Dion in my collection. Never bought an album, never would. The endurance test is moot and I’d refuse it outright.

        I even went to check my iTunes, which currently has 33,408 songs that would take 90.3 days to play (and consuming 123.17GB of my hard drive). So sure was I that I had no Celine here. But…

        She’s here. On the Tony Bennett Duets album. She sings on one song. So that means I have 33,407 Celine-free songs. And one with her on it. And that one will be removed shortly.

        We apologize for the contamination, our procedures are being upgraded and this sort of thing won’t happen again.

      • At least your duets isn’t with Rosie O’Donnell. I wouldn’t be too quick to delete a Tony Bennet duet. I mean, it’s Tony Bennet, and he brings the level of the song up to acceptable. I even think a couple of Chad Kroeger duets are ok to listen to as his singing partner helps to wade through the grease and sleaze to make the song listenable.
        I just had a thought. On an annoying scale of 1-10, how annoying would be a Celine Dion/Chad Kroeger duet be?

      • Yeah the list of the rest of the duets is… well…

        I bought that because Tony Bennett and haven’t yet played it, to be honest. Bono? Dion? lang? Honestly I’m afraid of this, a little bit, and I hope you’re right, that Bennett can carry it.

        That Dion/Kroeger is just awful. Shame on you. πŸ˜‰

    • Sooooo. While we’re on the subject of reviews. Do you have any Nickelback?


      • Haha, I can safely say there’s no Nickelback or Celine among the 1001!

      • Gah! I have a Nickelback song too. ONE. It’s on a Harley Davidson compilation called Ride, song called See You At The Show. I don’t know it, have never played it. There’s a bunch of good on that comp though, like Hendrix, Priest, Jane’s Addiction… But also Creed, ferf@*ksakes.

        Dammit, I’ve been letting myself down.

      • Not to worry Aaron, it happens to the best of ’em!

      • I bet You’re Feeling Too Damn Good since you embraced The Power of Love of those bands With Arms Wide Open.

      • Though I approve of wordplay, *shudder* all the same!

      • Thanks for that, Geoff! And I’m with you on the wordplay. I think you’ve all seen that I love to play those games as much as anyone, maybe even more, but on this one I must bow out. I just can’t do it. My brain is like a For/Next loop on that one: For: awesome music wordplay, Next: Participate! But here, it’s all For: wordplay about music I don’t care about, Next: Stop.

      • I think it’s a conspiracy. Somewhwre, someone passed a law behind closed doors that states “Every mp3 player in the world must contain a 1% ratio of crap.”
        So if you only have 2 craps songs you are free to download that Ric Astley, Milli Vanilli, and Right Said Fred. No need to prrtend any longer.

      • Haha maybe! Although I might also believe that the conspiracy doesn’t need to exist. It’s already been proven, decade after decade, that there are enough numbnuts out there who’ll line up to buy that crap, of their own volition! No, I think there isn’t a conspiracy, per se, but I will allow myself to privately feel shame. πŸ˜‰

  2. Absolutely no words or ratings required after that. Must be considered essential listening!

    • I think Chic was probably aiming to get people out on the dance floor – I’d say getting them dancing in their high chairs would also be considered a win!

  3. Awesome! Freeeeeeak Out!

    • I was worried she’d start throwing her bowl at the lyric ‘freak out’ – fortunately I was wrong!

  4. Haha I was gonna say you were a brave man, listening to that album all the way through. But then, of course, I was totally disarmed by high chair cuteness. I love those moments! Well done!

  5. jennypugh permalink

    Aw, she’s beautiful! πŸ™‚

  6. Aw, she’s adorbs! And seriously, I don’t mind disco that much at all. Chic is pretty fine.

  7. Brilliant – my two kids are old and self-conscious now, but my little niece loves the Mark Ronson track ‘Uptown Funk’ and manages to bust some real 2yo moves to it!

    • that track really is smoother than a fresh jar of skippy, my nephew’s been documented dancing up a storm to it (I think he was 3 at the time) – those kids have got moves!

  8. What a sweet little dancing queen! Awwwwww xoxo little B

    P.S. Maybe not the height of musical glory, but I can’t help bopping along to this either.

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