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Cheap Trick – At Budokan (1979)

June 25, 2015

[Album 401/1001]

Cue Wayne’s World “At Budokan” reference:


220px-CheapTrick_Live_atBudokanOther artists have released “At Budokan” CDs but I’ll conveniently assume Wayne was referencing Cheap Trick.

Some might call it a low-budget gimmick but as an ode to Wayne’s attempt to learn Cantonese in the film, and more importantly, the At Budokan record insert in Japanese (photo below), the remainder of this post will be in Japanese.

Enjoy, or rather, お楽しみください!





2. 「私はあなたの愛を必要とする」のイントロは、レモンヘッズの曲 "ビット部」のことを思い出し、それは良いことです
3. 「我々はすべて大丈夫だ」聖歌は、両方の正の関連、ビッグスターのことを思い出したし、 「その70年代ショー " 。
観客とは異なり5 。私はすべての曲と一緒に悲鳴をしませんでした。しかし、私はまだこのアルバムを維持します。

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  1. Wow Geoff guess what’s coming this Friday? And Nope not the Budokan! Ha ….how about a Trick Conspiracy!

  2. I don’t have this one! I guess I’ve been deciding which version to buy. I think there is a 4 disc box set out there.

    Google translate is funny. “We’re all alright” comes out as “We’re all OK”! Not as catchy is it?

    • Not quite as sing-a-longable no!
      I can’t tell you how pleased I was to see “Google” amid the Japanese symbols – reminded me of Wayne’s World where Rob Lowe’s Cantonese food order still had the English brand names like Mountain Dew!

    • Mikey I got the 4 box disc set….I have to Review it now that u don’t have it ! Yet! Hahahaha…

  3. Nice one, Geoff. I have this on ‘gold vinyl’. Minus the booklet, though. Bah. It’s an enjoyable enough album, but I’m not entirely convinced by it. Shocker!

    • Not to worry, I think that sums up my experience here too with at budokan – enjoyable enough!

  4. When I put this into Google Translate, I got this:

    “5 things of this album

    1. screams of the audience , is a super treble !
    2. intro of ” I need your love “, it remembered the song ” bit part” of The Lemonheads , it is a good thing
    3. “We ‘re all okay ” chant , both positive association , to reminded of the big star , ” the 70’s Show” .
    4. There are this many copies as of the album with a used record store , but I am grateful do simple was able to find it .
    Unlike the audience 5 . I did not scream along with all the songs . However , I still maintain this album .
    You Thank you Google translation!”

    Oh my.

    • Haha, I foolishly didn’t write down my initial english words (which get hilariously lost in translation) but it was something at least relatively close in meaning to the google attempts!

  5. Also, if you’re bored one night and looking for something to read, type “translate” into the search box on the KMA. I did a whole series where I translated song lyrics from English to another language and then back again. Some of the results were pretty awesome!

  6. Also, thumbs up (as always) for Wayne’s World references. Party on!

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