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Top 5 Self-aggrandizing “welcome back” songs

June 18, 2015

School’s (almost) out for summer – for the last few weeks, it’s been cutting into valuable blogging time!

So for my first post in a couple weeks, I thought I’d compile some of my favourite examples of artists welcoming themselves back (in song no less) from wherever they may have been.

There are likely better examples, so think of these as 5 Top-of-the-mind self-welcoming tracks!


5. Backstreet Boys, Backstreet’s Back
At the time, I wasn’t aware they’d been away, though I certainly enjoyed their cameo performance in This is the End.


4. LL Cool J, Mama Said Knock You Out
Technically, Ladies Love didn’t welcome himself back.  Instead, I like how he vehemently denied he’d been absent in the first place.


3. Eminem, Without Me
Guess who’s back, back again?  I inevitably reference this song when teaching the formula for perimeter of a 2D figure:  When you calculate the perimeter you go round the outsiiiiide, round the outsiiiiide, round the outsiiiide.


2. Ma$e, Welcome Back
I suppose if you transition from Puff Daddy pal to a preacher (seriously) and subsequently return to hip hop, a self-welcome is justified.  Though perhaps he didn’t need to also name his album Welcome Back.


1. Kid Rock, American Badass
“I’m back with the beaver hats and Ben Davis slacks”

In my books, anyone who can sing the trouser synonym “slacks” this aggressively is welcome to welcome themselves back to the music world any day.


I’m off to ’79 this week, The Police & Cheap Trick are up next, enjoy!

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  1. What are “5 songs I don’t like”, Alex!

    Here is one I hate. By that poet, Sammy Hagar, from Van Halen’s It’s About Time:

    Bright lights
    Old Fights
    This time we got it right
    It’s been a long time, overtime
    Second flash, you’re out of sight
    (yeah so get up)

    Turn your, your clock back
    Paint it red on black
    Get it all right back
    Oh Hell yeah yeah
    Come on

  2. Hackskeptic permalink

    What about those singing about a comeback before they even quit?

    Joe Jackson – I’m The Man

    Pretty soon, you know I’m gonna make a comeback
    And like the birds and the bees in the trees
    It’s a sure fire smash.

    I’ll speak to the masses through the media
    And if you’ve got anything to say to me
    You can say it with cash.

  3. ianbalentine permalink

    Sticking with the rap theme, how ’bout Ice T’s Ya Should Have Killed Me Last Year: “I’m back motherfuckers! hahahaha!!”

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