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Yer Favourites POLL – The Results!

April 21, 2015

Last week I asked for your help picking the next year in my time travels.

The task: choose your favourite year from each decade.

The good news: many of you participated, my undying thanks.

The good news for people who love bad news* (well not really bad, more curious in this case): 4 of the 6 polls ended up in a tie!

All ties in the 50s/60s/70s…



…and another dead heat in the 90s…




The only decisive winners?  1988 and 2001.

So I’ll venture to one of those next, thanks for joining me on this journey!

*One of my former students is currently ranking the Modest Mouse Discography here.  It’s safe to say, the student surpassed the teacher long ago!

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  1. WOO HOO FOR `72!

  2. It’s weird to be thought of as a former student… the future is coming fast! Many thanks for the shoutout. Though you’re being far too modest (ehhh), I’ve come no where close to the teacher (except for Modest Mouse knowlege, of course).

  3. ’97 had no chance (especially since I forgot to vote), but I it had OK Computer, Blur, Either/Or, Lonesome Crowded West, Perfect From Now On, Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified, and Brighten The Cornres. At east 3 of those would be in my top 10 ever, plus birth year bias. Best year of the 90’s!

    • Well now I simply must see the rest of that top 10 list at some point! OK Computer’s top 5 for me, Blur’s got a tune likely in my top 25ish, and Date with Ikea’s up there on my Pavement faves

      • Oddly enough blur and pavement weren’t what I was thinking. As far as Brighten goes, it’s Shady Lane all the way! For the top ten, OK Computer and Lonesome Crowded West (as you’ll see on the MM list) are probably top 5 and Perfect From Now On get’s probably #10. Either/or is near. You’ll have to wait for that list though, because I’m not even sure what’s on it.

      • Then I shall try to be patient, I found myself singing Rose Parade earlier today!

  4. Hackskeptic permalink

    Your poll confirms that the 50s were a musical mystery to most. Still gutted 1980 didn’t make the top spot…oh well thanks for doing the poll.

    • And as you know, only 23 of the 1001 are from the 50s, so it’s not exactly over-represented in the book.
      Not to worry Geoff, I’ll at least visit ’80 at some point!

  5. There a some fine albums from both 1988 and 2001 in my collection (scattered across CD, LP and digital) … looking forward to seeing which are on the 1001 (if any!).

    • If my memory is correct, you’ve definitely got one of the ones I’ve been listening to this week!

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