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Yer Favourites POLL – Next stops for the DeLorean

April 11, 2015

In honour of Back To The Future Part II’s vision of the year 2015, I’ve been devoting this year to time travel as well.

1966 is coming up this week and then…I don’t know where to go next.

To borrow a Beatle album name/movie name (the same one recently reviewed over at GuitarTrain), Help!


The original edition of the 1001 Albums book (the one I’m going through) goes from 1955-2005.

Here’s where you come in: I’d like you folks to choose the next stops on my journey.

Please vote for your favourite year from each of the following decades.

I’ll make stops in the winning year from each decade.

I’ll leave the polls open for a week and then reveal ‘yer favourites’/my next years to visit.

Thanks for voting, enjoy!








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  1. Voted! Just went with my gut. Give ‘er!

  2. Voted on all!

  3. Done! I’ve gone for the years of some of my favourite albums!

  4. Real cool idea….the 50s Will be a good rock lesson for me so I voted for 58 as Bruce Dickinson has a song called Born In 58! Hahahaha…..

    • And I’m guessing he actually was born in ’58? Unlike Bryan Adams’ Summer of ’69, I think he would have been 8 years old or so at the time, it was quite the summer!

  5. VOTED! I had a reason for every choice.

  6. Voted! I love voting :).

  7. Thanks for the link to my Guitar Train blog. It’s funny that you mention “Back to the Future II” because next month The Guitar Train is going “Back in Time” to 1985 the year of the original “Back to the Future”.

  8. Hackskeptic permalink

    Cast my vote. three of my picks were already the most popular. 1980 is still my favourite year

    • Before the 1001, I thought the late 70s/early 80s were lacking – turns out I was lacking good information, been very impressed with the pretenders/the jam/peter gabriel records I heard from 1980!

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