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Living Colour – Vivid (1988)

April 2, 2015

[Album 389/1001]220px-Living_Colour-Vivid

Living Colour – wasn’t that the show where Jim Carrey did Fire Marshall Bill?

Upon a wikipedia search, that was IN Living Color.  No u.

In addition to the slightly varied spelling, other differences between the two include the lack of Wayans brothers/Jennifer Lopez/the other Fly Girls on this record.

That being said, the two similarly named Living Colo(u)rs have a lot in common.

From what I remember, I liked the sketch comedy show.  I also liked Vivid.

The Vivid solos are energetic, but can feel excessive; not unlike how some people feel about Jim Carrey.  In fact, during some of the high-pitched fretwork, it almost feels like the lead guitar is screaming “let me show you somethin” à la Fire Marshall Bill!

Amid the big sounds, there’s a surprise sincerity in tunes like Open Letter (To a Landlord).  Sort of like Carrey impressing with dramatic turns in movies like The Truman Show.

Overall, Vivid is like a season of In Living Color: award-winning, fun, of its time.

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  1. Great album Geoff! It’s great to see them getting some good Ol press on our sites!
    Nice surprise!

  2. Nice, concise write-up on a very good album that is definitely “of its time.” The follow-up, Time’s Up, is the pinnacle of their discography in my opinion. Much more powerful & diverse than their debut.

    • I’d be interested in checking that one out – have you covered their catalogue yet Rich?

      • Haven’t covered the Living Colour catalog and likely won’t since I didn’t keep up with them after their third album. When they reunited about a decade ago I got the album they released and it did nothing for me. I’ve heard that a subsequent studio album was a lot better but there are too many other albums & artists for me to spend time with. Their second (and best?) album sums up where I stand with their music: “time’s up.”

      • An unfortunately apt title!
        Interesting how some things have a window of relevance, I was talking about Blockbuster video with someone the other day. For a time, that was what people demanded but as you say, with some groups/products, eventually time’s up.

    • John Sturm permalink

      Couldn’t agree more with Rich’s statement: Time’s Up is the jewel in the LC catalogue followed closely, for me, byt album #3 ‘Stain’.

      • And I enjoyed this one, so I look forward to possibly enjoying Time’s Up even more – thanks John!

  3. Arg! So here’s Living Color again! That band that I inexplicably own NOTHING by! I really need to fix that.

  4. Always wanted to like this, never could.

  5. Similar to Mr. 1537, I want to like this one. I have a friend who is mad for it, but I’ve never got it – no matter how often he’s played it to me.

    • Not to worry J – I played it for a friend the other day and he said it had a cool ‘top gun’ vibe. And I know Highway to the Danger Zone wasn’t for all tastes either!

  6. yeesssss!! i met them with my gramma in 1988!….so not danger zone.! and people still cared about the state of the world then, and sang about it….I was in the Amnesty International club in HS darn it! 🙂

    PS please don’t think im awful for my angry blog posts…If you come across them….sometimes i get mad so i yell at wordpress :I

    but of course i’d rather write songs about freeing Tibet! 🙂
    Declare Independence! At least we still have Bjork!

  7. It’s been ages since I saw the show but the font on the album cover looks a little like the TV version (quirky, graffiti-esque). I’m all for fun music and will look them up! 🙂

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