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You, You, You Oughta Know (These Blogs)

March 29, 2015

Awards are wonderful.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a few wordpress award nominations this year.

While I’ve always appreciated the recognition, and I’ve hopefully thanked the nominator each time, that’s where my participation has ended.

I’ve been hesitant about the idea of singling out a few ‘best friends’ as I fear it can end up being more exclusive than intended.  I’m also reluctant to not pay it forward, to not show any gratitude to the bloggers I enjoy reading as, to quote Sloan’s terrific tune from Navy Blues, I Wanna Thank You.

So I have a vision!

In 2015, I plan on name-dropping/hyper-linking a bunch of the blogs I frequent within my posts.

Ideally, in a contextually appropriate way.  For example, if I’m reviewing Deep Purple, I’ll say check out ‘this blog’ for a more comprehensive look at the record.  Except ‘this’ will be a person’s name and I also intend on adding a moderately aggressive sales pitch on why you should link to his/her/their site(s) posthaste.

Some days there may be no links, some days there may be seven.

Chances are, many of you already read each others writing anyways so I can’t promise anyone will be inundated with hordes of new readers!

But I can promise that I appreciate you fine people taking the time to read/comment on/acknowledge my journey through the 1001 albums; please accept this name-drop/hyper-link scheme as a token of my thanks.


This week I’m, much like the outstanding Ozma song, In Search of 1988.  The obligatory Top 5 is up next, enjoy!


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  1. This is a great idea. In fact, I try to make sure it is standard operating procedure here at the KMA. We’re always telling people about your blogs, and linking when we can, and promoting community in lots of ways. Band together, fellow bloggers!

    Also: I’m betting the Deep Purple link would be Mike, yeah? 🙂

    Also: I’m with you on th eblog awards thing. We got nominated for one a while back, and it’s a great honour to have someone think enough of what you do to say so. But one of the rules is to pay it forward, so then you’re sending to everyone… I found most declined, though they were grateful for the thought.

    • I don’t see how I couldn’t send people to LeBrain for further DP reading!
      One of my favourite sites years ago was imdb – I love the idea of the ‘rabbit hole’ where I might have been looking for a movie and said, oh that guy’s in it? What else has he been in? Click – and before you know it, I’ve linked through dozens of actors/movies!
      I think of a lot of these community blogs as excellent resources. With my posts, you’ll get one perspective but check these sites to see what they had to say!

      • Cheers Geoff! I know what you mean about the rabbit hole. I do it today with Wikipedia. Easy to kill an hour on Wikipedia. Last week I started with “George the Animal Steele” and I ended up reading articles on the route of the Thames river. LOL

      • Haha, I can relate. Such unexpected/time-consuming searches are part of the reason I’m not ready to get twitter yet – like Arnold said in Kindergarten Cop, I lack discipline!

      • Oooh. Twitter is a bare-minimum thing for me. Proceed with caution. It’s a wasteland.

      • In the spirit of this, I’m gonna write a book review of Jesse Ventura’s “American COnspiracy” and link it to Aaron’s 27 club review yesterday!

      • Now was he Jesse the Mind or Body at that point, or both?!

      • The mind, I think, although I’m sure he could kick my butt if so inclined! (I love that conspiracy theory stuff. Jesse’s a little out there but he’s totally fearless.)

      • Yup, I’d say Mike is the go-to for Deep Purple.

        And this is a great idea. Like I said, it’s KMA SOP. Link away, man! And if you’ve ever reviewed something already by the time we get to it, link to it in our comments sections = further cross-pollination!

        I am baaaaaad for the rabbit hole effect. Especially on music sites… and Youtube for music videos…

      • Yes – the related videos are dangerous, especially that kaleidoscope screen that pops up at the end of some youtube (or tubes of you?!) videos with about 15 more video options!

      • There’s a great web comic called XKCD, he seems to mention this effect quite a bit with Wikipedia. It’s so easy to just keep going from thing to thing…

      • Oh man that screen at the end is EVIL hahaha!

        Also: Big ups for the Sloan reference. SLOOOOO-OOOOOOAAAAANNNNN!!!!!

      • You certainly don’t need to coax nor cajole me to make a Sloan reference!

      • That’s because I mean what I say and I say what I mean!

      • Oof yeah, I don’t even have a Twitter for that reason. Also no Facebook account at all, for the same reason PLUS anti-trust reasons.

        Aaaaand that probably explains why you get so many comments on WP, anyway! 🙂

      • With WP comments, the more the merrier!

  2. This is brillant Geoff! Awards and little “close friends” clubs are dangerous trails to walk – not because of who you include but, as you say, it is all about locking people out for no reason – we don’t want to do that – all are welcome and all should feel welcome to our little worlds. 🙂

    • My thanks Wayne – for both your comments and for partly inspiring the inclusive idea through your recent sketch!

  3. Great idea Geoff…this blog community is fantastic I mean every morning I check them out before I even check out my Blabbermouth music sites of the world!

  4. Well, I can’t argue with you at all! I got slammed with award nods, and just couldn’t reciprocate with posts EVERY TIME. They’re time consuming to write, and with little “follow return” (which is what they are meant for really) and don’t really follow what my blog is about. Your idea is best – just link to those you like in your posts and The End!

    • La fin indeed – and thank you Sarca for letting me know about that math equation app, my grade 9s were definitely aware of it before me, One more reason Cell phones can’t be used on the tests!

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