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Top 5 Tunes “in the year 2000”

March 9, 2015

The distant future, the year 2000.

Apparently, if Kramer is right, by the year 2000, we’ll all be on speed dial.

If the Flight of the Conchords see the future accurately, only Robots will remain.

Or if Conan’s recurring “in the year 2000” projections come true, we could be in for quite the beginning of the new millenium!


So what will life really be like in the year 2000?

It’s hard to speculate (at least without a flashlight, futuristic neck-wear, and a man singing in falsetto*) but I’ll attempt to play oracle for the music world.

When we finally arrive in the 21st Century, I have a feeling these 5 tunes may be worth hearing:


5. The Soggy Bottom Boys, I am a Man of Constant Sorrow

In the year 2000, there will be a roots revival, with this song leading the way.


4. The Cure, Maybe Someday

In the year 2000, Robert Smith will claim that the fire is almost out, threatening to make this The Cure’s swansong.  Fortunately, he will be wrong.


3. Dynamite Hack, Boyz in the Hood

In the year 2000, somehow acoustic guitars + N.W.A. lyrics + a Blackbird outro will be a very successful equation.


2. Modest Mouse, 3rd Planet

In the year 2000, the 3rd Planet will realize the Y2K buildup may have been much ado about nothing after all.


1. The Tragically Hip, Lake Fever

In the year 2000, The Hip will still be writing great songs.

They will also have a misheard lyric up there with, “s’cuse me while I kiss this guy.”

On Lake Fever, Gord Downie will allegedly sing “don’t want a little piece of your heart.”  Perhaps because of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine receives a VCR ‘play’ button from Vincent, her soulmate video store employee, at least one young Canadian fan will be adamant that Downie is really singing “don’t want a little VCR part.”


After a week in ’99, the next year on my ‘Top 5 Duplicate Digit Years‘ journey will be, well, the next year.  Limp Bizkit & Erykah Badu will be featured here, enjoy!

*See the Conan/Megan Mullally clip, otherwise this sounds like a bizarre Diva-esque set of requests (at best)

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  1. I’ll take Soggy Bottom Boys for $2000 Alex!

    I was going to claim that the year 2000 sucked, but you proved me wrong.

    • There was hope for the new millennium with tunes like that!
      Curiously it won album of the year grammy in 2002 – I guess it took us a while to get a hold on 21st century time-telling!

      • I didn’t realize that. The CD was a huge seller for me, and great for store play.

  2. Great idea for a post! Great call on the Hip. Always great with them, though, ain’t it! 🙂

    Well-played! But I fired up my old iTunes and (so long as it has the dates right), I would also add these other 20:

    AC/DC kept a Stiff Upper Lip and prove they can still rock! (duh)

    Ani DiFranco sang the Hurricane while she pushed us on the Swing Set.

    Billy Bragg & Wilco stayed on Mermaid Avenue for a second go-round.

    Eminem and Dido introduce Stan, a monster track that would earworm everybody!

    Hawksley Workman’s whole album For Him And The Girls because AWESOME.

    Hives would pull the Main Offender aside and say they Hate To Say I Told You So.

    Iron Maiden enter a Brave New World. MAIDEN! MAIDEN! MAIDEN! ‘nuff said.

    Jack Johnson admired Sexy Plexi’s Bubble Toes while she sang Inaudible Melodies.

    Johnny Cash tells us he Won’t back Down as he sits in The Mercy Seat.

    Neko Case sang us a Furnace Room Lullaby and every song counted.

    New Pornographers proved they were Mass Romantics and it was a beautiful, beautiful thing.

    Pearl Jam took us Binaural AND helped us find our Lost Dogs and we loved them for it.

    radiohead gave birth to Kid A, born to be a future King.

    Rollins Band told us to get Some Go Again and we said “Sir! Yes sir!”

    Ryan Adams proved he’s a brilliant Heartbreaker.

    Sarah Harmer said You Were Here in her Basement Apt.

    St. Germain grooved us even though we were Tourists.

    Weakerthans were Left & Leaving, but we knew they’d be back as awesome as ever.

    White Stripes gave us De Stijl because awesome.

    Wu-Tang Clan said The W ain’t nothin’ to f@ck wit’.


    • To round it up to a nice, neat top 25, beauty!
      I enjoyed the wordsmithing in the comment as well Aaron – cheers to Sarah Harmer& Weatherthans selections.
      And Stan remains a solid track, perhaps Eminem’s finest.
      I wouldn’t have agreed with you about Kid A in the actual year 2000, but I certainly do now, it’s a grower!

      • Thanks! But reading it back, I realize mine is a jumble of album titles and song titles, when yours was strictly song titles. Alas.

        That Sarah Harmer album rules. And Weakerthans! Oh man muuuuch love for the Weakerthans over here. Saw them live, So. Good. And Kid A is definitely a grower. I spent years saying they went exactly the wrong direction after OK Computer…

        Also: Hawksley FTW every time, baby, YEAH!

      • Also, I tried but couldn’t get it to happen:

        1998 Navy Blues
        1999 Between The Bridges & Live At Palais Royale
        2001 Pretty Together
        2003 Action Pact

        So, there’s no SLOAN album for the year 2000’s list. But still, that’s an impressive run from a great, great, GREAT band!

      • Throw in their 94/96 records and that ain’t bad at all!
        I still quote the liner notes from Live at the Palais Royale frequently – Patrick said something along the lines of, if you screw up when you’re playing live, you didn’t make a mistake, you’re jamming!

      • Ha, I was just going for the years closest to 2000… if I was gonna list all their great records, I’d be listing them ALL! SLOOOOOOOOAAAANNN!!!!!

      • Would you please welcome to the stage, sloooooooooooan!
        If you had to pick just one (it’s like asking a parent to pick a favourite child, impossibly unfair) which sloan LP would it be?

      • Sorry, I somehow missed your question, so I’ll answer it now.

        Which Slon LP would I choose? That’s a clear winner, so easy to pick a favourite:

        ALL OF THEM.

      • Sloan. I don’t know who Slon is.

  3. … I’d forgotten just how good that Modest Mouse album is. Thanks for the reminder!

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