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50 Book Pledge – 14% fulfilled

March 2, 2015



Because participating in just one ‘complete a specific quantity within a given time-frame’ project was simply insufficient.

2 months in, 7 enjoyable books down!

My only minor gripe with the 50bookpledge site is the lack of a 1/2 or 1/4 or fraction of a star rating of any kind.

I have to remind myself these star ratings are different than academic grades (3/5 would be 60% in school, less than ideal).

In the restrictive world of full-star-only book ratings (the hardships), if I give something 3 stars, that’s a favourable, if unspectacular rating.

Favourable & spectacular ratings were duly awarded to Margaret Atwood & Jocelyne Saucier, no half stars needed there.

Thanks again for all your suggestions, looking forward to checking many of them out as the year goes on!


I’ll probably update the 50 book project here once every couple months but if the suspense in between posts is unbearable, here’s my bookshelf:



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  1. Hey congrats on getting to 7 books so far! That’s a pretty good pace, when you take into account the albums youre hearing and how busy your life is otherwise!

    As you know, I joined HMO’s fiancΓ©e’s To Be Read 20 plan back in December. The idea being, read 20 books already here in the house befor allowing myself to buy any new books. I’m on book 9 now, though I’ve also added library books (which don’t count because they aren’t ones I own that are so far unread).

    Man, anything that gets people reading more, I’m all for it! Get in there and Give ‘Er, Geoff! Right on!

    PS: I always thought 60% was doing alright, in school! Maybe I wasn’t the greatest student. πŸ˜‰

    • Friends who took engineering had the catchphrase ‘5-Oh and good to go’ so I guess in some courses, a 60% would be off the charts great!
      My thanks Aaron – and nice work yourself on the TBR20! I’ve seen a few unread books on our shelves here that I’d like to read this year. My wonderful wife & I splurged and bought the Canada Reads finalists (so we’d be ineligible for the TBR criteria) but I’ll still be participating in spirit as I love the idea of reading, and as a bonus, reading what you already own!

      • Your wonderful wife! See? Now I got YOU doing it! πŸ™‚

        Oh in some subjects I did better than 60% (music was usually my highest) but I know some teachers were frustrated with me, I could be doing so much better. And I always said yeah, sure, but… basketball team… and concert band… and jazz band… and GIRLS! hahaha

        Also, I know how tough Engineering courses are, so good on your friends for surviving at all!

        That’s cool you used the Canada Reads as a shopping list. Great idea. Yeah the TBR is a bit more restrictive, forcing you to read books in the house rather than bringing in new ones (either bought or from the library – point of clarity: I do not count my library book reads in my TBR series count). But it’s a great idea. We’re pretty bad about buying books and letting them sit – our library has an annual book sale and the last day is a dolar/bag. You can se where I’m going with THAT!

      • Cheers to supportive spouse shout-outs!
        And that sale sounds like this year’s TBR reading list conveniently packaged in one bag!

  2. jprobichaud permalink

    I can’t remember if I suggested John Niven to you before but I read two of his books this year and both were excellent, hilarious reads. “Kill your friends” is like Hunter S. Thompson meets American Psycho in the music industry during the Britpop era and “The second coming” involves the return of JC and his appearance on an American idol-like television show.

  3. Oryx and Crake! Well done! I haven’t read this one yet. I’m still slugging through book 4.

    • Highly recommended! I’ve borrowed the other 2 from the trilogy, waiting to read them though, want to try to manage my expectations going in.
      What’s the 4th book for you Sarca?

  4. Wowzers! 7 books in 2 months! I’d be lucky if I read 7 in a year these days. Good work!

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