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Beth Orton – Central Reservation (1999)

February 27, 2015

[Album 380/1001]220px-Beth_Orton-Central_Reservation_(album_cover)

I’m getting worse at names.

I see former students in town from time to time, I recognize them, I can place the approximate year they graduated…and the names elude me.

It appears that song, album, and even artist names are starting to escape me these days as well.

I’m not terribly concerned but I fear Beth Orton will be this year’s Suzanne Vega.

I remember finding Vega’s self-titled record enjoyable, I recall it did not contain the single Luka, and it worked magnificently when played in the background.

Do I remember the individual songs?  Not a chance!

Years from now, I’ll probably hear the name Beth Orton and have nice, if unspecific, pleasantries to offer.

I’ll likely recall her having one of those voices that ‘sounds familiar,’ with song structures that felt like blueprints for future Dido or Colby Caillat hits.

Against all odds, I may actually remember that Central Reservation featured a title track, possibly because 2 versions appeared on the album.

But any other specific names?

I can confidently say, without reservation, not gonna happen.

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  1. High praise indeed!

  2. Beth Orton kept turning up on compilation CDs, especially CMJ, and this was the only one of hers that I owned. I liked it lots though.

    As for the ol’ memory going, it happens to me from time to time, but (as my lovely wife will attest) generally speaking I can play name that tune with my own collection fairly well, still! And man I think I’m older than you! Time to break out the ginko boloba, buddy! Hahahaha 🙂

    • Had to look up ginko boloba – I guess it really is time!

      • I took ginko for a while. I called it “brain medicine”. LOL

      • just reading about it on wikipedia – I might need some brain medicine to understand most of these terms, it’s been a while since grade 11 biology!

      • As an aside, do you enjoy chemistry at all? I watch a series of videos called Periodic Table of Videos, by the chemistry department at University of Nottingham. The Professor, as they call him, has crazy white hair and fits the “scientist” bill, but he also makes chemistry so interesting and easy to understand!

      • That sounds promising!
        I’m afraid my chemistry dream ended in grade 11 – but I do find that sort of thing interesting for sure.
        Trivia question – which letter does not appear on the table of elements?

      • Morning non coffee guess -q

      • I would have thought it would be a Q or X – it’s J!

      • A deceptively irritating Scrabble letter!

  3. So much music, so few brain cells.
    Good luck (to us all).

    • Bruce I used to be a stickler for song names, “actually it’s called I’m gonna be, the 500 miles was in parentheses” – a positive side effect of having less memory available for such details is that I’m a little less insufferable to be around!

  4. I’ll take “Albums I sold a shit-ton of, but never heard”, for $400 Alex.

  5. I had this one and really enjoyed it for a while. Not one I’ve listened to in a very long time, though … sadly, I think this one has a ‘time and place’ thing about it.

    • It could be – though there’s certainly nothing laughably dated about it.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if I revisit in a decade or so, think oh I like this, and then have that cycle repeat a few more times!

      • I think I over subscribed to it and it’s firmly planted itself within a specific time. Certainly not a bad or dated album, no – just nothing that pulls me back in.

  6. alive alone…i like her w/ the chemical bros best.

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