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Top 5 Tunes from the turn of the Century

February 26, 2015

When I reviewed Mercury Rev’s Deserter’s Songs, I bemoaned the state of music in the late 90s.

In preparation for my voyage to 1999, I looked at my CD tower and was surprised to see that a lot of my favourite groups released albums that year.

*Norm MacDonald voice & miming use of tape recorder* Note to self: In the future, before bemoaning, check CD tower.

Once again, it’s good to be wrong.

Although I wouldn’t say any of these 5 tracks represent the artists at the peak of their respective powers, as it turns out, the turn of the Century wasn’t so bad after all.


5. Tender – Blur
I like how the song doesn’t go anywhere in a hurry.  Unconventional opener.


4. Waiting for Slow Songs – Sloan
If you asked me in 1999 to name my favourite member of Sloan, I probably wouldn’t have said Jay.  But I’m not so sure any more, his tunes have a slow grower quality to them.


3. Wishlist – Pearl Jam
It appears I was into slow songs as Y2K approached!


2. Baseball – Ozma
Well now that I’ve started the slow songs &/or ‘slow songs’ in the title streak, I can’t very well break it here.  From reading online, this album seems to have been released multiple times by multiple labels in multiple years.  My CD says copyright 1999 so if there are no further objections, for the purposes of this countdown, it is hereby/conveniently deemed eligible as a ’99 release.  And speaking of baseball…


1. Major Leagues – Pavement
…bring on the Major Leagues indeed.

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  1. I never mind a slow year, just gives you a chance to delve into the past.

    Of these, I’m a fan of ‘Tender’ it was a nice low-key track.

    • And I enjoy when groups do something a bit different with the openers too – like strangeways here we come opening with a no-guitars track or Mellon Collie opening with a piano instrumental.
      Something to be said for not treading water!


    We have a winner!

    • I like how Between the bridges is ‘back-loaded’ – the first half is fine but it really picks up partway through!

  3. Also for 1999, from my own view, has to have Tom Waits’ Mule Variations!

    • Oh wait you were doing songs, not albums… well, take any song you like off of MV. It’s all frickin’ amazing.

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