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Top 5 “New to me from ’93”

February 14, 2015

Mr. Fusion has been reloaded, we’re off to 1993.

As I was enjoying musicinsanity’s Best of 1994 countdown recently, I realized I had plenty of 1991/1992 among my CDs, loads of 1994-1997, but a surprisingly scarce amount of 1993.

Perhaps it was because both the Leafs & Blue Jays had excellent seasons that year and my attention temporarily drifted away from music?

In any event, since the project began, I’ve started to address the gaping hole in my 90s music collection.  Here are 5 of the best that qualify as new to me from ’93!


5. P.J. Harvey, Rid of Me
For the last two Dec 26/27ths, the Beat Goes On near my parents’ place has a 40% off sale.  Picking up Rid of Me at such a discount was like another Christmas morning, one or two days late.

4. Sting, Ten Summoner’s Tales
Surprisingly not on the 1001 list.  If I ever get tired of If I Ever Lose My Faith in You, I’ll be equally surprised.  Especially the game show hosts line.

3. Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Had a blast listening to this one, details to follow in review #377.

2. Suede, Suede
Bought it twice,therefore good enough for #2!  Originally procured on cassette (I believe for an extortionate $0.99) and then bought again at one of the aforementioned Beat Goes On 40% off sales.

Math side note: Want to know how much the cost of something is after a 40% discount?
– Multiply the original price ($3) by the remaining price after discount (60% here) and move the decimal place.
– In this case, 3 x 60 = 180, so the price after discount will be $1.80.


1. Pet Shop Boys, Very
The lego/block-o case always brings a smile when I see it on the shelf.  Very would also be comfortably placed in a future Top 5 of 1993, new to me or otherwise.

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  1. I like when price tags are kept, as a full memento of where and when the item was scored!

    • Agreed – especially when found for such a bargain, it enhances the listen for me!

      • Absolutely! Incidentally that Pet Shop Boys was a nightmare to sticker. Try keeping one on that case!

      • I think I got that one at value village, I don’t think they even tried!

      • Another problem — when one of those cases broke! You couidn’t exactly replace it with another!

      • Yes, the jewel case switch might not be an exact match!

  2. Rid of me is such a great, raw LP – you’ll love it. I also have a bit of a soft spot for Very too.

    • Just gave Rid of Me its first spin last night – raw sounds very appropriate. My initial impression was that I liked how chord-based it was, feels like a good one to play along with

  3. jprobichaud permalink

    Besides the Suede, those would all be new to me too. I’ve enjoyed a few Polly Jean Harvey tracks in the past and of course, I am well versed in Pet Shop Boys but don’t have these albums from ’93.

  4. Yup, Rid Of Me is an outstanding album. One of the best, that one. Look forward to reading your view on Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) … one of my favourites!

  5. ianbalentine permalink

    You forgot the best album of 1993 (or, perhaps you were already familiar with it), Giant Steps by The Boo Radleys! Only familiar with the PSB and Suede from this list. Always wanted to give PJ a tr y, though.

    • And it’s on the list but I haven’t got to it yet – my only Boo Radleys knowledge so far is their cover of there she goes from the so I married an axe murderer soundtrack, also ’93 I believe!

  6. PJ Harvey = YES! That’s a great one.

    Sting = YES! I love that whole album. My Mom says IIELMFIY totally reminds her of me.

    Wu-Tang = YES! A stone classic. Arguable whether they ever hit that height again – and that was a debut!

    Suede = Not my bag, but good on you!

    PSB = Not my bag, but good on you!

    • IIELMFIY – what a terrific acronym!
      As for Wu-Tang, it was a potent debut – not unlike Straight outta Compton in that this was not a group making a shy, modest entrance!

  7. That Suede album, and that PJ album, are both big loves of mine! I don’t think I’ve heard the others, except for the “singles” off of the Sting album. Nice musical finds!

    • And I’ve only had one full listen but I’m quite impressed with Rid of Me so far.
      When I heard Suede’s So Young used in a scene in ‘the world’s end’ I think that instantly made the movie for me!

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