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Little Richard – Here’s Little Richard (1957)

February 6, 2015

[Album 375/1001]220px-Hereslittlerichard

I’m unfair.

With some artists I demand variety: if any song so much as starts in the same key or contains a similar tempo, I moan about the artist repeating themselves.

With Little Richard, my list of demands pendulum swings to the other extreme.
In his case, I insist that each song be 12-bar blues, be greater than 2 minutes but less than 3 minutes in length, and feature pounding piano keys and “woooooooos.”

Fortunately, on Here’s Little Richard, he delivers!*

The energy is contagious & the list of people he has influenced is endless.

With respect to lists, surely Little Richard will make appearances on a couple of future ones for me:

a) Top 5 “that was a debut?” – the performance is so confident, I wouldn’t have guessed.

b) Top 5 Song intros – perhaps even #1 on the list for the album-opening/rock & roll genre-opening Tutti Frutti.

A-wop-bom-a-loo-mop-a-lomp-bom-bom indeed.


* Though in some songs, he substitutes the reasonable facsimile “owwwwwww.”

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  1. Ahh you got me with this one — huge Little Richard fan. You know how that happened? Predator. The movie, Predator. The helicopter scene. You know the one.

    I also fully agree with the piano and “woooooo’s”! Those are the best parts of a great Little Richard tune.

    • Mike this video clip is amazing for so many reasons!
      1) As a jerky boys fan, I’d imagine you recall the radio DJ prank call craze from the early 2000s with the Arnold soundboards (“Who is your daddy, and what does he do” among other gems). Didn’t remember where the you son of a line came from!
      2) Carl Weathers always brings me back to Arrested Development
      3) I think we used to have a very similar cassette player as the one on the helicopter
      4) Great tune of course!

      • 1) I do recall those Ahnold pranks, and in fact I have the Ahnold soundboard on my phone.
        2) I always think of Sandler first. It’s all in the hips. It’s all in the hips.
        2.5) Look for some Arrested Development related content on my blog tomorrow.
        3) I had a Sanyo that was similar.
        4) Oh absolutely! But listen carefully — did they have to extend the song by looping it, to fit the scene?

      • 1) Ahnold – I’m disappointed my spell check didn’t have that in the dictionary! It has since been added
        2) Yes, Happy Gilmore’s never a bad association, forgot about his Golf Pro appearance
        2.5) Steve Holt!
        3) Can’t recall the brand of ours – I think my folks still have it though & it remains fully operational
        4) My apologies for the delay in replying – I was giving the audio my undivided attention! The music didn’t start until a few seconds in and so perhaps it stays under the 3 minute formula – if it looped, they did it discreetly under some dialogue

      • Next time you watch the movie I’m sure that question will come to mind. Was it looped? I think you can hear one myself, but I’ve watched that movie so many times that I’m surprised I didn’t try to nickname myself “Dutch” or “Dillon” in the 9th grade.

      • I have no doubt that will be top of my mind – I kept getting distracted by the passenger conversations this time.

        I haven’t seen it but I gather Predator 2 can be safely avoided?

      • Funny you should ask. It was on two weeks ago. I had a buddy named Matt who preferred Predator 2. Predator 2 was a cop version in an urban setting, and Danny Glover was a cop. Matt always wanted to be a cop, and in fact, became a cop!

        It can be avoided unless you’re willing to watch a young Bill Paxton act his douchey best, Danny Glover be the young hero tough cop who don’t play by no rules, and of course…Buddy Holly himself…Gary Busey as the batshit crazy CIA guy looking for the alien.

      • Danny Glover as a young cop – I can’t picture him NOT saying, I’m getting too old for this!

      • I’m 90% sure that line is in the movie.

        I mean, it’s cool in the “I can’t believe how bad it is” way. Now, Predators, with Adrian Brody? That’s a tough call. The first half of it is really cool, the second half kinda weird. When Fishburn shows up it kinda goes to hell.

      • OK maybe not.

      • Ever so slightly edited!

      • It’s not obvious at all 😉

        Fact: Bill Paxton has been in a Predator movie, a Terminator movie, and an Alien movie — the only actor I know to tie all three classic franchises together.

      • As Wayne said to Alice Cooper, I was not aware of that – I’d throw in Paxton’s wimpy fraud in True Lies to bring it back to the initial Ahnold discussion!

        You’ve inspired me to go see if Netflix has any of these to view tonight – thanks for chatting Mike, enjoy the evening!

      • Holy cow you’re right. True Lies! It all comes together.

        Tonight I watched “Dirty Work” on Netflix — a movie made in Toronto starring Norm Macdonald.

      • Started Dirty Work the other night – forgot about how much I enjoyed his ‘note to self’ recordings!

      • Note to self: Aunt Jenny is your AUNT!

        I like all the Canadian cameos. Gord Martineau, Dini Petty, and MIF from Slash Puppet! I’m going to review the movie soon. The present of MIF gives it that rock connection.

        FYI Mif is the bald gangster who says, “It smells like fish in here.”

      • Haven’t gotten to the Canuck cameos yet – Farley & Sandler have made appearances though.
        If you watch CBC news at all, the Washington correspondent Neil Macdonald is Norm’s brother.

        So I’ve become so used to watching a Macdonald talk about politics – funny seeing a similar deadpan style used in a very different context!

      • Sorry my bad, correction. The Arrested Development content is Saturday. It was supposed to go tomorrow, but I had to pre-empt it to Saturday to make way for a big big big review coming tomorrow.

        This message brought to you by, me 🙂 Thank you!

      • (in fast fine-print voice) This message is wholeheartedly approved by

  2. Yup, you got me too. HUGE Little Richard fan, over here. I don’t have this one, though now I sure do want it!

  3. I haven’t met him, but he lives part of the time in a place in downtown Nashville.

  4. Phillip Helbig permalink

    Very interesting reading, especially if you’ve wondered what those lyrics are really about:


    • Intriguing – admittedly, with this song I had never thought about the lyrics. But that now adds another layer to an already interesting performer

  5. Man, Little Richard is one of a kind, eh? Brilliant, flamboyant, and one of the best rock n’ rollers. Only ever had a compilation, but this is on my list …

    • A worthwhile investment – especially if you can find it like some of the other LPs you’ve found for a fiver!

      • … you bet! It’s one of the first records I look for when I’m out.

  6. Tangled Up In Music (by Ovidiu Boar) permalink

    Some filler here, I’m of the opinion that he still works best over a cohesive compilation. But to hell with that, it’s a classic album in its own right. One of those artists that, even after all these years, can make a huge impression on you on the first listen, you immediately understand what the hype is all about. At least that’s what happened to me. Also I want to point out how great and representative the cover art is. Wonderful.

    • Nice call on the album art – can totally picture him mid-song, on any of these songs, making that pose

  7. One of my favourite ever artists. Just raw.

    • The last thing I’d want to hear is a painstakingly layered, overdubbed Little Richard studio-concept project.
      But there’s little better than RIchard fast, loud, full of energy, feeling like it’s live even if it isn’t really – much like here!

  8. I LOVE Little Richard – he is craaazzyy!!! (…not many people know that Jimi Hendrix played with him in the mid-sixties)

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