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Top 5 Inverted Digit Year Pairs

February 4, 2015

In the wonderful world of accounting, there’s no thrill quite like balancing.

There’s also no greater frustration than when the left side ≠ the right side.

But if it’s a transposition error (for example, writing 75 on one side instead of 57), there’s hope!

If the difference between the left side and right side is divisible by 9, the error is likely a transposition error.  Look for accidentally inverted digits & enjoy that Christmas morning feeling that only a properly balanced financial statement can provide!



After a nice visit to ’75, I thought I’d head back to ’57.

On my way, a look at the Top 5 Inverted Digit/Transposition Error Year Pairings, enjoy!


5. ’01/’10
The only eligible choice (so far) from the 21st Century.  Much like the precious metal/medal won by the Canadian hockey teams in 2010 and the Ryan Adams album released in 2001, lots of Gold to be found in this pair!

4. ’79/’97
I’m conveniently considering London Calling a ’79 release in this case.

3. ’78/’87
I have Faith, that Among the Living reading this Document, we can agree the Music For the Masses produced in ’87 was not BadActually, I don’t think it would cause too much Hysteria to say the quality of ’78 music ran along Parallel Lines.  (Sorry, I struggled to find a place in there for the Butthole Surfers ’87 record, Locust Abortion TechnicianSign “O” the Times I s’pose!)

2. ’68/’86
As I said when I reviewed So, even 80s haters have to put an asterisk beside the year 1986.  I’ve yet to hear many/any disparaging comments with the sequence of words “music from 1968.”

1. ’69/’96
Would have been #1 based solely on the ridiculous depth & breadth of music released in 1969.  But in the event any insurance was needed, 1996 is also among my favourite calendar years.

A year featuring the likes of One Chord to Another/Wild Mood Swings/Trouble at the Henhouse/New Adventures in Hi-Fi/Pinkerton. 

Sadly, none of these made it onto the 1001 list.  Happily, I can’t see any of them ever falling out of my personal listening rotation.

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  1. #3. Wait, that’s not on the list?

    • #3 – do you mean the Butthole surfers album? It’s on the 1001 list (haven’t heard it yet though), its title just doesn’t lend itself nicely to wordplay!

  2. ’86 is awesome, no denying!

  3. Cool idea for a post! Also very clever wordplay, incorporating the titles in there! I did that once, with song titles in a review. It’s fun!

    Ah, numbers. I worked in a bank, and lemme tell you, EVERYTHING had to balance. Yes, the computers did the lion’s share, but the amount still done in the ol’ noggin can lead to some time spent backtracking to find where things got befuddled if it somehow goes south for a bit… fortunately, a solution always presents itself. Usually, the client spent money they didn’t have. Silly clients.

    • My thanks!
      Yes – the search for incorrect numbers when things don’t balance has to be on the list of least enjoyable tasks.
      Especially when those silly clients have made multiple errors!

  4. Loved this post for your wordplaying! 🙂

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